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A high quality and efficient washing machine can usually cost anywhere between a good 750 dollars to a high-end 2,000 dollar washing machine. It all depends on the company, and where you are buying it from.

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Q: What is the average price range for a quality high efficiency washing machine?
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How many gallons does a washing machine use?

In science class at school we had to do research about household daily water use and an average washing machine uses 55 gallons per load, unless you have a high efficiency model.

Average watts for a washing machine?

An average Washing machine uses 920Watts. Some expensive ones use 1200Watts

How much power does a washing machine use?

The average washing machine uses approximately 400 watts of electricity. The exact power usage of a washing machine is dependent upon the size of the washing machine.

How much does a washing machine weigh?

An average washing machine weighs about 175 pounds :) hope that helped

What is the average weight of an average sized washing machine?


What is the cost of a high efficiency washing machine?

The price of high efficiency washing machines vary depending on which store you purchase it from. Sometimes they have sales on them, especially at certain times of the year.

What causes an oder to come from a high efficiency washing machine?

Odor in a washer machine is most likely caused from bacteria built up in your washing machine. The bacteria also forms into mold and mildew around your machine.

For Clean Laundry Use One of the Best Washing Machines?

According to a leading consumer products rating entity the best front loading wasting machine is made by Whirlpool. The Whirlpool Duet, model number WFW94EX comes in white and stainless. This machine rated top scores in washing performance, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and capacity. The Whirlpool Duet received above average scores in gentleness, noise, and vibrations. The best front loading washing machine according to the same consumer products rating entity is the Samsung, model number WA5451AN in white. The Samsung received top scores in energy efficiency, water efficiency, capacity, and vibrations. The machine received above average scores in washing performance, gentleness and noise.

What is the average price of a washing machine in 2007?


What are some benefits of a front loader washing machine?

Some of the benefits of a front loader washing machine include the fact that the they are manufactured to be high efficiency. High efficiency allows for the use of less energy and special detergent that allows for less to be used.

Why is your washing machine not washing?

my washing machine is washing.... what are you on about..?

Which fully automatic washing machine is better IFB or LG?

LG fully automatic washing machine is better than IFB due to its great reliability and most energy efficiency.

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