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What is the average speed of a pigeon?

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Pigeons fly at about 90 to a max of 110 kmph in air. They can escape the clutches of the peregrine falcon, it's main predator. Their speed has been adapted to conquer the peregrine falcon's extreme speed. In miles per hour, it's 56 to 68.4 miph.

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What is the top speed of a racing pigeon in flight?

A top racing pigeon can acheive bursts of up to 100 mph, although they normally hold an average pace of less than 50 mph.

What is the speed of a racing pigeon?

A racing pigeon averages 50-60 mph usually.

What is the speed of a racing pigeon in kph?

Pigeons have been calculated to fly at 58.7 miles per hour (94.47 kph), although the average speed is 30 mph (48.28 kph).

What is the average height of a pigeon?

About 33cm

What is the average life of a pigeon?

5 minutes

What is the body temperature of a pigeon?

The body temperature of a pigeon is 41.2 degrees Centigrade/106.2 Fahrenheit average for domestic pigeons in a 22 pigeon sample.

What is the average size of a pigeon?

the average size of a pigeon (or rock dove) is usually 13-14 inches in length and 10-11 inches in height.

What is the top speed of a racing pigeon?

in Colorado 40 mph.

What is taller a woodpecker or a pigeon?

The average pigeon is nearly 2 inches bigger than the average woodpecker. The largest woodpeckers, such as a pileated woodpecker, are much larger than pigeons.

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How fast does a pigeon fly in an hour?

Their average flying speed over moderate distances is around 50 miles per hour. Faster speeds have have been observed in top racers for short distances. I have one with a trophy for the speed of 80 miles an hour.

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