Doves and Pigeons

Pigeons are part of the Columbidae bird family, along with doves. The most common pigeon, found mostly in urban areas, is the Feral Rock Pigeon. The Passenger Pigeon was a bird that had lived in North America until it became extinct in 1914. This once-common species of animal was wiped out due to commercial hunting and habitat loss. Ask questions about all breeds of pigeons here.

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Doves and Pigeons

What is the symbolic meaning of pigeons?

Peace. In greek mythology Aphrodite the goddess of beauty, peace, and love has a pigeon as her symbol. White pigeons represent the holy spirit in Catholicism.

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Doves and Pigeons

What is the name of sound made by doves?

Doves make many different sounds, that range from coos to whouas. This depends on the species.

Doves and Pigeons

Scientific name of pigeons?

The scientific name of a "normal", Rock Pigeon, is Columba livia.

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Doves and Pigeons

Do cats eat pigeons?

They do. Often cats will instinctively hunt small animals such as pigeons and rabbits. They may also eat this, but if they're house cats they may have trouble keeping the animal down, and so they may regurgitate the corpse.

Doves and Pigeons

What are blue doves cut with?


it means that it eat meet.

Doves and Pigeons

What is the weight of a racing pigeon?

usually between 10-12oz

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Doves and Pigeons

Why is the dove associated with love?

Doves are associated with love and peace because of the doves beauty and its faithfullness to its mate. In ancient times this was took to be a symbol of human love and beauty.

Also it was a dove which noah released from the ark to find land. Of course the bird flew back to the ark bearing an olive branch showing that there was land and has from then on been a symbol of peace and one of love.

At christian weddings doves are often released to express the patners loves for one another.

The dove - representing Love, Maternity, Beauty, Elegance, Gentleness, Peace, Spirit and Angel-like quality.

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Doves and Pigeons

What are pigeons good for?

Pigeons can be used for meat, feathers, sending messages, training hunting dogs, or keeping as pets.

Doves and Pigeons

Can you drink pigeon milk?

At the moment it is not possible to drink pigeon milk, which is not actually 'milk' in the traditional sense, but made up of special secretions from the parent birds' crop. So-called 'pigeon milk' is produced only in very small quantities, in order to feed the young pigeon chicks, or squabs.

However, given recent research, as well as man's constant search for products to enhance youth and vitality, it may be possible to drink the 'milk' harvested from pigeons one day in the future. Australian researchers have discovered that pigeon milk offers similar nutrients to that found in mammals' milk. In a study where pigeon milk was fed to chickens, the growth rate of the baby chicks increased by 38%.

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Doves and Pigeons

What is the word for pigeon in French?

un pigeon (masc.)

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Doves and Pigeons

How are pigeons managed?

  • Pigeon spikes keep pigeons off of buildings.
  • Feeding pigeons may be banned in certain places.
  • Pigeons are caught and either killed or used for human needs.
  • Fake snakes and owls scare pigeons off.
  • Introduction of predators like owls, hawks, and snakes.
  • Special feed that prevents pigeons from laying fertile eggs.
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Do turtledoves monogamously mate for life?


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Do pigeons feed their young milk?

Yes and no. Pigeons are birds, and birds do not provide the same sort of milk for their young as mammals do. Some birds are fed on special secretions from the parent birds' crop, and these may even be called crop milk, but it is not milk in the true "mammalian" sense of the word. It is not produced in mammary glands.

The production of the milk is controlled by prolactin, which is the same hormone that begins milk production in mammals, and is released from the pituitary gland. The lining of the crop sloughs off fluid-filled cells containing more fat and protein than cows' milk, as well as minerals and antibodies, forming a nutritious milk-like substance known as crop milk. Both males and females produce this liquid.

Birds which feed their young with "crop milk" include pigeons, doves and flamingos.

The only animals that truly feed their young on milk are mammals. Only mammals have mammary glands, which are necessary to produce milk.

Doves and Pigeons

Do Pigeons and Doves Columbidae have a gall bladder?

No, they don't. However, several species of pigeons and doves do produce bile to a small extent. However, it is not in the same chemical form as most bile in the bird kingdom and these species have no gall bladder to store or concentrate it.

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Doves and Pigeons
Passenger Pigeons

How did the passenger pigeon get its name?

The term 'passenger' was taken from the French word 'passager' which means 'to pass by'. Passenger pigeons took quite a while to 'pass by' because in the 1800's and before, their flocks were so huge. This is probably where the name came from.

Doves and Pigeons

How do you look after a newly hatched pigeon?

keep it warm and feed it the appropriate food.

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What does a black dove resemble?

A black dove, Turacoena modesta, is dark grey with a yellow eye-ring. It resembles a dark pigeon.

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Is a pigeon pea a monocot or a dicot?

Pigeon peas are dicotyledon

Doves and Pigeons

Do pigeon eat meat?

Yes! They do. I have chickens and pigeons in an aviary. Besides the proper food which I buy at the feed store and contains all the grain and vitamins, we feed them leftovers. Sometimes there are pieces of meat included and the chickens as well as the pigeons will eat the pieces of meat. Any animal in the wild will search for the food they like the best but when in captivity and if hungry they will eat anything. I have seen rabbits eat chicken meat and wild pigeons eating form the street whatever is on the ground. José M. Raposo

Doves and Pigeons

What is the life cycle of a rock pigeon?

The Rock Pigeon also known as Rock Dove has a life span of 3 to 5 years. Rock Pigeon breeds at any time of the year with peak times during spring and summer. Two white eggs are laid, incubation is shared by both parents lasting 17 - 19 days. The nestling has pal yellow down and flesh coloured bill with a drak bank. The fledging period is 30 days.

Doves and Pigeons

What eats a pigeon?

Predatory birds, such as eagles, hawks, or falcons. Cats. Humans (seriously, you can order it in some restaurants in some places of the world. Paris, France, for instance).

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Does a pigeon have a backbone?


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Doves and Pigeons

How many turtle doves are there left?

There are 20,000,000 to 100,000,000 mature turtle doves left in the world today.

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Doves and Pigeons

What is the symbolism of turtle doves?

Devotion, frienship and faithfulness. Also the release of the soul at death.

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Doves and Pigeons

Pigeons and there spiritual meaning?

The most common interpretation for Pigeon is found in tea leaf reading where finding a pigeon means - News from abroad.


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