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about 900,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit

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Q: What is the average temperature of the Orion nebula?
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Related questions

Where is Orion nebula located?

in what part of the constellation Orion is the Orion nebula located at

How far is the Orion nebula?

The Orion nebula is about 1,345 light years away.

What is the most famous nebula?

orion nebula

What is the difference between Orion and the Orion nebula?

Orion is a constellation made up in the minds of the ancients to represent "Orion" a hunter in mythology. The Orion Nebula is a diffuse nebula located south or Orion's belt. It is an area of extensive star formation. It is only called Orion Nebula as it is seen within the constellation of Orion. See related questions

How was the Orion nebula discovered?

As the Orion Nebula is visible with the naked eye, the only sensible answer would be "by looking at it".

What is another nebula besides Orion?

Triffid Nebula, Eagle Nebula, Cat's Eye nebula

Which constellation does the Orion nebula appear in the sky?

Not surprisingly - Orion!!

Which galaxy is the Orion nebula in?

The Orion nebula is part of our own galaxy (the Milky Way). The Orion nebula is about 1500 light-years away from us. Our galaxy is about 100000 light-years across.

What are two well-known nebulae?

Eagle Nebula Orion Nebula

Is the sun closer or farther to the earth than the Orion nebula?

Orion Nebula is much further from the earth than the Sun is.

What size is the biggest nebula?

The Orion Nebula which stretches 20 light years

What is the Orion nebula made of?

It is made of stars

What is considered the center of the Orion nebula?

the protostar

HII regions of the universe are known as?

The orion Nebula

Is Orion nebula bigger than the sun?


What is the name of the nebula in the constellation called Orion?

The horsehead nebula, aka Barnard 33, within the bright nebula IC434.

Is there Evidence that the Orion region is actively forming stars?

I assume you mean the Orion Nebula. Check the Wikipedia article on "Orion Nebula"; specifically, it seems that it has many stars that are very young, in astronomical terms.

Was the Orion nebula a nova or a supernova?

The Orion nebula was likely caused by a supernova. It is a huge cloud of gas within which hundreds of new stars are being formed.

What nebulae can you see without a telescope?

The nebula that can be seen without a telescope is the Great Orion nebula.

How far is Orion nebula?

Approx 1,344 light years.

How old is Orion nebula?

About 400 years ago it was discovered.

Orion is not the only nebula in space this is another one that is the name of a bird that rhymes with fawn?

Swan Nebula

How many light years away from earth is the Orion nebula?

Some scientists have indicated that the Orion Nebula may be even closer than once believed. According to Rob Jeffries at Keele University in England, the Orion Nebula may be as close as 1300 light years from Earth.

The names of the two well-known nebulae?

Andromeda, Milky Way These are galaxies ^ Orion Nebula Eagle Nebula

Is the galaxy of Orion getting wider?

Orion is not a galaxy. It is an open star cluster in the Milky Way. It is also a nebula.