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Actually the AVERAGE weight is 500-600 kg

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Camel Average weight?

AVERAGE WEIGHT BETWEEN 600 and 1,000 pounds

What is the average weight of an adult camel?

100 tons

What is the average brain size of a camel?

The average weight of a camel's brain is 762 grams.

Average weight of a Camel?

Camels weigh between 660 and 1,520 pounds.

What size is a camel?

A camel can at least weight up to half- of a ton

How many babies does an average camel have?

An average camel will typically have one calf per litter.

What is the weight of a baby camel?


Formula for estimation of camel body weight?

camel body weight= Hump Girth *Chest Girth* Shoulder Height* 50

How much does a camel weight?

A fully-grown camel can weigh up to 700kg/1542lbs.

What is the average lifespan of a camel?

30+ years is the average lifespan of a camel. Some have lived up to 50 years.

What is the average length of a camel?

A camel is a ungulate within the genus Camelus, which has fatty deposits, or 'humps,' on its back. The average length of a camel is anywhere from 6 to 11 feet long.

Why do a camel have large flat feet?

The camel has large flat feet to help support its weight.

What is the weight of a camel?

It can weigh from 500kg.-600kg.

What is a camel size and weight?

25 kgs

What does a camel cost in Egypt?

A live camel cost about 5000 dollars on average. Camel meat cost an average of 500 dollars. If you're referring to camel rides it cost 20 dollars for adults and 16 dollars for kids.

What is the average weight and size of a camel?

The average full-grown adult camel stands around 6-foot,1-inch at the shoulder, and 7-foot,1-inch at the hump. Bactrian camels weigh between 600 and 2,200-pounds and dromedaries between 600 and 1,320-pounds.

How much does the average camel weigh?


Average speed of a camel?

30 mph

How does a camel survive the wild?

most cannot survive long. the average life of a camel is 7 weeks

What is the weight of the camel dromedary?

grown-ups 400-700kg

How much weight can a camel carry in the desert?

about 300 kg

How far can the average camel vomit?

31 centimetres

What is a sentence with average speed?

The average speed of a camel is 30 miles per hour.

What is the average height of a camel?

about 7 or 8 feet tall

How much do cockatoo birds weigh when full grown?

Galah / Rose-breasted; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 345 grams (281-390 grams).Gang Gang; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 280 grams.Goffin's; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 221-386 grams and Average Chick Weight: 10.Greater Sulphur-crested; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 880 grams.Lesser Sulphur-crested; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 350 grams.Moluccan; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 640-1025 grams (average 850) and Average Chick Weight: 20Palm; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 900 grams (Adults range from 600-1000) and Average Chick Weight: 18Umbrella; Average Weight / Weight Ranges: 458-750 grams (average 600 to 700 g) and Average Chick Weight: 18