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It is somewhere between 48-65 inches. Around 4-7 feet.

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What is the height and weight of a hawk?

It depends what type of hawk it is. Here is a bunch of hawk's and their weight:Harris' Hawk: Weight: 21 oz, Wingspan: 3 ft.Red-shouldered Hawk: Weight: 20 oz, Wingspan: 3 ft.Ferruginous Hawk: Weight: 56 oz , Wingspan: 4 ftFerruginous Hawk: Weight: 60 oz , Wingspan: 5ftBroad-winged Hawk: Weight: 23 oz, Wingspan 30"Red-tailed Hawk: Weight: 50 oz,Wingspan: 48 in"Swainson's Hawk: Weight: 31 oz, Wingspan: 36 in"Swainson's Hawk: Weight: 42 oz, Wingspan: 42 "Rough-legged Hawk: Weight:30oz, Wingspan: 48"Cooper's Hawk: Weight: 10oz, Wingspan:18"White Tailed Hawk: UnknownNorthern Goshawk: Weight: 33 oz, Wingspan: 36 "I got this information from a website who currently own the above eagles. The weight and wingspan facts come from that website and it is based on the current time, the eagles may grow...

What is the average wingspan of a red tail hawk?

Around four and a half to nearly five feet.

What is the wingspan of a hawk?

About 6-7 feet.

What is the wingspan for a Northern Hawk Owl?

33 in

How long is the wingspan of a bat hawk?

about 3 feet

What is the wingspan for a hawk?

maybe 44-67 inches

What is the wing span of a hawk?

It is about 4-5 feet wingspan

What is the wingspan of a honey bee?

The average wingspan of a honeybee is 2.64cm

What is the wingspan for an owlet?

The average wingspan for an owlet would be about 6 in- 18 in.

What is the wingspan of a red-tailed hawk?

4 feet 8 inches.

What is the worlds largest hawk?

Biggest hawk = Ferruiggnous Hawk This one might not be the biggest, but might be. This hawk has a wingspan of 48 inhes - 64 inches. Length is 25 inches ( 2 ft. )

Which is bigger a red tail hawk or bald eagle?

The bald eagle is much larger than the red tailed hawk, with a seven foot wingspan to five for the hawk.

What is the wingspan of a wasp?

The wingspan of a wasp differs from species to species. However, the average wingspan is around 10 to 20 centimeters.

Why does a hawk have a wide wingspan?

its so he can fly long distinces and soar threw the sky

What is the average wingspan of a person?

I heard that your wingspan is the same length as your height. :) -Roshan Rai-

What is the wingspan of a bee hummingbird?

The bee humming bird has and average wingspan of 3.25cm or (1.28in)

What is the largest hawk in the world?

The Red-Tailed Hawk is the largest hawk getting 28 inches long and a over 5 foot wingspan. Red-Tailes can get to 5.5 pounds in weight.

What is the average wingspan of a bat?

It is where you die

What is the average wingspan of a parrot?


Blue jay wingspan?

The wingspan of the blue jay bird can vary slightly. The average wingspan of this bird is between 13.4 and 16.9 inches.

What is a hummingbirds wingspan?

On average, a hummingbird's wingspan is aprx. 4 inches (8 - 11 cm.

What is a Crested Owls wingspan?

a Crested Owls wingspan is on average 36 cm to 42 cm

What is average wingspan of a toco toucan?

The wingspan of a toco toucan is roughly the same length as the its body.

What is the average wingspan of a butterfly?

12 inches

What is the Average Wingspan for a Owl?

10 feet

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