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"What are the inches of rain per year in New Zealand?" Approximately 48 inches of rain per year. Average annual rainfall for New Zealand = 185 centimetres (source: Gale county and world rankings reporter 1996 p.282) or around 72.047 inches.

It varies across the country. Some areas get ~600mm and some in excess of 1600mm (23-63"). The western areas are generally wetter.

Answer More specifically, the West Coast and Fiordland regions of the South Island are the wettest, while the northern area (Marlborough) and lower central region (Otago) of South island are the driest. In general, the annual rainfall gets lower as one goes east on the North Island, although this is heavily influenced at the local and regional level by topography.

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What is the average rainfall in new york state?

Depending on the part of the state, the average yearly rainfall total in New York State is between 30 and 48 inches

What is the average yearly precipitation in New York State?

Depending on the part of the state, the average yearly rainfall total in New York State is between 30 and 48 inches.

Is Death Valley dry?

Yes. The average yearly total rainfall is just 2.6 inches (6.6 cm).

What is the average yearly rainfall total for the world?

there isn't one there is diffrent averages for each country but not one for the entire world

What is the yearly rainfall in canberra?

5 Jan 2009 ... The total rainfall at Canberra Airport during 2008 was 530.4 mm, below the historical annual average of 616.8 mm

Total annual rainfall in England?

Rainfall in England is measured over a thirty year period to give an average reading. The Latest figures show an average yearly rainfall of 926.9mm (36.5 inches). This shows an increase of 1.3% over the previous years.

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i found about 8 inches total for a year and June and November with almost no rain fall hope that helps skippy

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Victoria's average annual rainfall is 37.41 inches

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Why is Debuncha considered the wettest place in Africa?

It rains in debuncha constantly, and because of the rain fall bebuncha has a total yearly rainfall of 400 inches.

What does average rainfall mean?

If, for example, the rainfall is recorded once every week for a whole year, and the recorded results added together, the average would be the total divided by the number of weeks in a year. This will give the average amount of rain that fell during the whole of the year.

Write algorithm and draw a flow chart to find the total and average of a student for six subjects?

write an algorithm to compute the weekly average rainfall given the daily rainfall for four weeks

How much rainfall per hour fell in Hurricane Katrina?

The worst rainfall during Hurricane Katrina was about three inches per hours. The average total rainfall was about 12 to 20 inches.

Florida has an average annual rainfall of 53 inches if it rained that much every year what would be the total rainfall after 7 years?

371 inches of rain

What is the Caboolture River average rainfall?

The Caboolture River is 40 kilometers North of Brisbane, Australia. The total area is 370 square kilometers. It flows easterly towards the coast. The average rainfall is 1800 millimeters.

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what was total rainfall for Fort worth Texa in 1997

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Just add the total rainfall in every month

What is the total rainfall in the Arica and Antofogasta deserts in Chile?

Arica and Antofogasta are cities in the Atacama Desert of Chile. They average between 1.5 mm and 3.5 mm of rainfall per year - barely a sprinkle.

What is the total rainfall amount in Memphis tn for 2008?

As of the morning of December 24, 2008 the total rainfall was 57.39 inches.

Where is the wettest city in Texas?

Orange,Tx Located in Southeast Texas,this town on average has an annual rainfall total of 59.1 Inches.

What US city has the lowest annual rainfall?

Phoenix averages 85% of possible sunshine and receives scant rainfall, the average annual total at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport being 8.3 inches