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What is the average yearly rainfall total for New Zealand?

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March 09, 2009 8:00AM

"What are the inches of rain per year in New Zealand?" Approximately 48 inches of rain per year. Average annual rainfall for New Zealand = 185 centimetres (source: Gale county and world rankings reporter 1996 p.282) or around 72.047 inches.

It varies across the country. Some areas get ~600mm and some in excess of 1600mm (23-63"). The western areas are generally wetter.

Answer More specifically, the West Coast and Fiordland regions of the South Island are the wettest, while the northern area (Marlborough) and lower central region (Otago) of South island are the driest. In general, the annual rainfall gets lower as one goes east on the North Island, although this is heavily influenced at the local and regional level by topography.