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He wears a white garment, is held over a baptism font while a priest baptizes him. He is never submerged in water and is never placed in the font.

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Q: What is the baby baptized in?
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When are Lutherans baptized?

lutherans can be baptized at any age in life. i was baptized as a baby. but i know people who were baptized as adults. lutherans can be baptized at any age in life. i was baptized as a baby. but i know people who were baptized as adults.

Can anybody be baptized any time?

Sure, why not, but it is best if you were baptized as a baby. In what religion?

Can a baby be baptized before birth?


Did Jesus get baptized as a baby?

Jesus was baptized as an adult by John the Baptist in the Jordan River.

What religion was Hitler baptized into as a baby?

A:Hitler was baptized a Catholic. Obviously,he was not a very good Catholic.

Do you need to be a member of the Church you want your baby Christened in?

Roman Catholic AnswerYou need the pastor of your home parish to approve you to have your baby baptized. He can make arrangements if you wish to have your baby baptized in another church.

What is the thing called that a baby gets baptized in?

A font

What is the difference between baptized and christened?

The difference is the two different religions. When you are Christian you Christen the baby. When you are Baptist you are Baptized.

Can baby be christened in a church out the area?

Roman Catholic AnswerTo have your baby baptized, you need your pastor's approval. If you would like to have your baby baptized somewhere else, check with your pastor and he can arrange with the priest in the area you want to have the baptism.

How old are babies when they get baptized?

In the Catholic Church, it is felt that the sooner the baby is baptized, the better. Most Catholic parents have their children baptized within a few weeks of birth.

Do you need to be confirmed before your baby can be baptized?

No, in the Orthodox Church a baby is Baptized and Chrismated at the same time. There is no Christian religion that requires that a parent be confirmed prior to the baptism of their child.

How many times do Christians have to be baptized?

just once. some are baptized as babies, but some say baby baptizing does not count.

Can a baby be baptized if one parent has not been baptized?

Yes, but check your denomination--they differ! Some denominations do not baptize babies.

When to baptise baby in orthodox church?

AnswerTypically, most babies are baptized after 40 days old, however there is no particular age limit. A baby, child or adult can be baptized at any age.

Can a baby be baptized during Advent in the Roman Catholic Church?


What do Catholics do after birth?

The baby is baptized to take away original sin.

Who baptizes babies?

A baby is baptized in a church by a priest, pastor, reverend, etc. depending on what religion you are or want the baby to be.

How is a baby baptised?

The same way a regular adult is baptized except the pastor holds the baby the whole time

What happens to a Christian baby when it is born?

Generally they are baptized. And often circumcised, if they are male.

Do they have to get married to have a baby tree frog?

you get a priest to bles it first bc they have to be baptized to get married

Was Catherine Middleton baptized a Catholic as a baby?

Yes but she had to convert to the Church of England to marry William.

Can a baby be baptized if one of the parents is not catholic?

Yeah, my nephew's dad isnt/wasnt Catholic.

Are you born Roman Catholic?

no, you are baptized while still a baby in a roman catholic church by a priest.

Do both Godparents have to be Catholic for a baby to be baptized?

No, however at least one Godparent must be Catholic.

How do Christians welcome a baby?

The baby is baptized by a Christian(usually a pastor/preacher) with some "Holy Water" and some words are said. After that ceremony, the baby is now a Christian and in the Christian family.