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The Babylonian times are from 1830 B.C. to 1550 B.C.

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The babylons weared robes usually.

The Two Babylons was created in 1853.

The largest contribution from the Babylons was the introduction of Math and Astronomy. The Babylons numerical system helped create the 360 degree system.

The Babylons invented cuneiform

mostly building ziggurats

King Nebuchadnezzar and his wife.

According to historians it was Nebuchadrezzar and Hammurabi.

The writing in Babylon was the cuneiform writing.

cuniform, wheel, horce-drawn Chariot

Yes, they were once part of Mesopotamia(Fertile crescent) in Sumeria.

Sumerians,Akkadians,Assyrians,Babylons,New Babylonians

Hammurabi became king in 1792 and left 1850.

Babylon is actually the capital of the ancient city Babylonia in the middle east.

yes babylons most powerful monarch is the hammurabis.

the ancient Babylons government was a democracy because the king ate bananas all day long until he got really fat and he blew up. the explosion killed everyone in wBabylonia and that is how the civilization ended because e=mc2. Very funny < _Wack !! >

The Babylons made great advancements in mathematics for example the numerals 5,55 ,and 555 have different values.:)

Daniel was a major prophet, no doubt, but the book of Daniel is alsohistorical , what happened at the king of Babylons rule.

The dragon symbolizes the enemies of Babylon; the bull symbolizes the strength of the city-state.

Generally, the location of ancient Babylon had nothing to do with its fall. Babylon fell due to poor leadership and a failure to adapt.

The Hittites once conquered Babylon, but quickly left Mesopotamia and never returned so history knows only how they swept Babylon.

The Babylons were able to trade between cities, they had to use a boat of some sort and the Euphrates River.

It never states this in the Bible, however, there are many secular writings which do make this relationship - particularly Hislop's 'The Two Babylons.'

Pythagorus discovered the triangular theorem but he didn't invent it because the Babylons knew about it hundreds of years before he just found about it later in which ways improved it a bit!

it may be but i would go with hammurabi because he made up the "Hammurabi's codes" code means law if you didn't know :) your welcomee!

Babylon was a polytheistic culture, with a class of astronomer/priests. Public rituals as well as personal at home rituals honored deities on sacred days. Unlike Egypt, the ruler of Babylon was not considered to be an incarnation of a deity.

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