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What is the background music on the Michigan commercials?

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Its the music featured in the movie ''The Cider House Rules''

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Who does the music for the Pure Michigan commercials?

It is the theme from the "Cider House Rules"

Where did the background music for the Goldwater law firm commercials come from?


What is the name of the halo song in the commercials?

If you mean in the Believe Commercials, the Background Piano Music is Chopins- raindrop Prelude

Car commercial songs?

Most commercials use music to help draw in a potential customer. Car commercials use jungles and background music as well.

What is the background music in the Chicago Rush Hospital TV commercials?

The music in the background of the Rush University Medical Center commercials (as well as in the trailor for the movie "The Soloist" is J.S. Bach - Solo Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major.

What is the background music on the V commercial?

Assuming there's not multiple commercials, the music in the backbround is "Uprising," the first track from the 2009 Muse album "The Resistance."

How does music got to do with commercials?

The purpose of music in commercials is to get your attention, and to help you remember the product when you hear that music again.

What is the music in the zune commercials?

Here is a list of all the known songs from the music from Zune Commercials from 2006 to present

Here are several modern sources of music iPod television commercials the radio the soundtrack in a movie background music played over speakers in a mall What do all of these have in common?

They are all pre-recorded.

Who is the lady singing the background music on the GM commercials on both the PGA Golf Tourny and the Olympics?

Brandi Carlile sings the commercial. It's her song, "The Story".

What is the background music on the commercials?

I found out! It`s from the movie Cider House Rules, and the composer`s name is Rachel Portman. I am glad I could help.

Who is the woman in the background of the freecredtreportcom commercials?

Diane luby lane

What is the song on the 2011 Toyota Highlander commercial - the background music that comes on toward the end?

I know that one of the commercials has If I Should Fall From Grace with God by the Pogues.

What is the background music in the Boeing commercial that's why we're here?

It is original, unnamed music composed and performed specifically for the commercials. It is not available anywhere else, and Boeing Corp. has not, to my knowledge, made public the name of the composer or performers.

What is the theme music from the accelerate your life commercials for the US Navy?

The commercials feature music from Godsmack. The tracks used are the intro's to "Awake" and "Sick of Life"

What is the song playing in the background of the hop movie commercials?

porch monkey

What is the song called that plays in the background of Kroger commercials?

a backtrack or a instrument

What types of music is used for car commercials?

In car commercials the music is often dependant on the car being featured. For example if the commercial is about a truck, and they are mudding, country music would likely be featured.

Who does the voiceover for the Michigan commercials?

Its comedian/actor Tim Allen from "Home Improvement"

Is there a list of songs used in target commercials?

No. Music used in commercials is usually created just for that purpose - no soundtracks are ever cut or sold, but the music is copyrighted.

How does the background of an artist influence his music?

Any time a musician writes or performs music, it comes from his knowledge and background. When a person performs music, it says who he is. Background affects who he is and what kind of musical education he has had. Music is expression. Without a circumstance (background) or knowledge (background), it is impossible to express.

Where you can download the background music for call of duty 4 for your iPod?

u cant download the background music for the ipod because its only the background music no one would ever think to put it on the ipod and i do agree the background music is cool

What classical music is being played in the background of the mastercard commercial?

Most music for commercials is specially composed for each situation. It may sound similar to something familiar, but may not be exactly the same due to copyrights, performer royalties and the like.

Who is the music supervisor on the iPod commercials?

David Taylor

What is Michael Musso famous for?

from acting commercials and music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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