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Yes, their predators include foxes and coyotes.

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Is a bald eagle a predator or prey?

a bald eagle is a predator

How does the bald eagle escape from a predator?


Is the American Bald Eagle a predator?


How does a bald eagle protect itself from its predator?

The eagle would use its claws to protect itself from its predator.

Does the bald eagle have a natural predator?

it is a lexus 4s

Is a bald eagle a predator?

Yes, bald eagles re predators just like any other type of eagle does.

What is the natural predator of bald eagle?

Adults have no natural predators.

What is the prediter of the Bald eagle?

The predator of the balled eagle is the Harpy Eagle. These birds of prey are almost 4 feet tall.

Bald eagle predators?

The bald eagle has very few known predators. Humans are the top predator, followed by other bald eagles, raccoons, and the occasional great horned owl.

How does the bald eagle protect itself?

The bald eagle is thee most fastest bird in the U.S. It usually flies out of danger or uses its talons to scratch the predator.

Does a bald eagle have a predator that is not a human?

yes a fox,coyotes,lion and tiger

Is the bald eagle a predator?

ummm the bald eagle has a whole lot of predators they have humans and other little predators so that's it and this is right also i looked it up

Will a bald eagle eat another bald eagle?

No Bald Eagle do not eat another Bald Eagle

Which animal eats the Bald Eagle?

Healthy adult Bald Eagles are not preyed upon by any other animal, making it an 'apex predator'.

Is the sea lion a predator to the bald eagle?

Sea lions hunt fish and other marine animals. Bald eagles are at the top of the food chain and don't have any predators. Therefor, sea lions are not predators of the bald eagle.

Why is the eagle called bald?

Because the eagle`s head is all white, while the eagle`s body is brown

How many bald eagle?

The bald eagle has rebounded from low numbers in the '70's..There are now over 100,000 in North America.

Why is the American eagle called the bald eagle?

Bcuz in the 1700's "bald" meant white and since the American Eagle had a white head it fit perfectly in the title

Is a bald eagle nocturnal?

No they are not.. I looked it up on the internet, and no where could I find that bald eagles are nocturnal.. Beautiful creatures, aren't they? (I think the only prettier predator bird is the golden eagle..) I hope I was of some help to you!!!

What is the life cycle of a bald eagle?

the bald eagle.

What does a bald eagle symbolize?

Who are they called bald eagle.

How does a bald eagle move?

a bald eagle flies

Which eagle is bigger bald or golden?

the bald eagle

What is a bald eagle is it a reptilia?

No. A bald eagle is a bird.

Is a bald eagle endangered?

is a bald eagle endangered

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