What is the bank address for bank routing number 122000496?

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The Routing Number 122000496, relates to Union Bank, and the ACH contact info below...

PO BOX 85929
SAN DIEGO, CA 92186-5929

(remember this may not be the address you need for correspondence or account questions)

If you need more info, here is the source:
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What is the routing number for Bank of America?

Just click here to find ABA Routing numbers of Bank of America: http://www.techknot.com/9638/bank-of-america-routing-number.html or Search in this website : http://www.techknot.com/

What is the routing number for commerce bank?

There are several ... Commerce Bank, N.A. located in Cherry Hill/Mount Laurel, NJ is 031201360. It is important to know the full name and address of the bank headquarters. Also if you have an account simply look at the first nine digits on the bottom of your checks!

Do Chinese banks have ABA bank routing numbers?

The American Banking Association (ABA) routing numbers only applyto banks located within the United States. Chinese banks use aSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)code to transfer money internationally.

What is the routing number of Bank of America?

That all depends on what state you're from. Each state has a separate routing number, this number can be found on your checks. If you do not currently have any checks try visiting this portion of their website. http://www.bankofamerica.com/deposits/checksave/index.cfm?template=lc_faq_aba You can sea ( Full Answer )

What is the routing number for Wachovia banks?

Look at the bottom left corner of your checks. If you have a Personal account the first sequence of numbers, usually a nine-digit number, is your ABA (American Bankers Association) routing number. If you have a Business account the ABA number will follow the six-digit check number at the bottom of t ( Full Answer )

What is a bank routing number?

A routing number or routing code is a several digit code numberused to direct data, documents, or merchandise.

What is the US Bank routing number?

The US has about 88 routing numbers. Kindly tell me what your bankis so that I can provide you with the correct routing number.

What is the routing number for Chase Bank?

I have Deposit slips left for Chase, Croton on Hudson, NY and the routing number on the slips is 580201028. I do not have any checks left or I'd look at them. I called Chase last week and the person who answered the telephone told me that the routing number is 102001017. I looked at my bank statemen ( Full Answer )

What is the routing number for Wachovia Bank in Florida?

Since Wachovia has so many routing numbers, there is no database (currently) that lists all of the Florida ones. I had to call my bank, since I couldn't find my checkbook and wanted to make an online payment, to get the routing number. Correct Answer: 063000021 How about a TEXAS ABA # or is it ( Full Answer )

What bank routing number is 102100400?

The bank routing number 102100400 is for a Wells Fargo NA bank. Theaddress is 255 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55479.

What is the routing number for the Nepal investment bank?

Although I am not sure about the routing number (which usually is a 9 digit numeral code for domestic money transfers), Nepal Investment Bank does have a SWIFT CODE. "SWIFT codes and routing numbers do one thing: identify a bank. They are used by financial institutions to know what particular ban ( Full Answer )

Bank of the Philippine islands routing number?

BPI's routing number is 021000021;you can verify it by calling89100. For PayPal transactions, the routing number would be 010040018. The SWIFT code is BOPIPHMM.

What is the routing number of Korean exchange bank?

Sending wire transfer from U.S: Intermediary Bank: JP Morgan Chase, New York, NY ABA Routing Number: 021000021 Swift Code: KOEXKRSE Korea Exchange Bank Address: 181, 2-Ka, Eulji-ro, Chung-Ku, Seoul, Korea

What is The routing number for huntington bank?

This Depends on the location of the bank you deal with,, look at any of your checks it would be the First 9 Digits(numbers) on your check Followed by your account number

Bank mandiri routing number?

how can i found Bank routing number?. can you tell me what is the bank routing number?

Routing number bank mandiri?

You don't have to have a routing number to wire money to Indonesia banks. All you need is the Swift Code.

What is the routing number for citizen bank?

Here is a list of routing information for Citizens Bank: 64008983 CITIZENS BANK 64009005 CITIZENS BANK 64009144 CITIZENS BANK 64009241 CITIZENS BANK 64009254 CITIZENS BANK 64009380 CITIZENS BANK 64100674 CITIZENS BANK 64100852 CITIZENS BANK 64100904 CITIZENS BANK 64101178 CITIZEN ( Full Answer )

What bank has routing number 124002971?

Wells Fargo Bank, Minneapolis, Utah Your bank account is attached to the state you opened it up in. If you open an account over the phone with a phone banker then you will have your account attached to the state that the phone banker is in or may actually be the main rtg number for phone bank accou ( Full Answer )

What bank uses routing number 541210032?

US Bank - Wisconsin - Bank routing numbers, also referred to asRouting Transit Numbers (RTN) are used to identify a financialinstitution in a transaction. Some banks may have multiple routingnumbers to serve different regions or branches.

What is the routing number for Axis bank?

The routing number for Axis Bank is 021000021 if you have any remittance IN DOLLARS, for other currencies pls visit http://www.axisbank.com/nri/remittances/partnerbanks/Partner-Banks.asp

What is the Route number for Bank of Ceylon?

Please note that Bank of Ceylon (BOC) has more than one SWIFT codes which is uncommon attribute among Sri lankan banks. Following are the SWIFT codes allocated to Bank of Ceylon. Bank of Ceylon (Central Bus Stand Branch - Colombo): BCEYLKLX573 Bank of Ceylon (Metro Branch - Colombo): BCEYLKLX61 ( Full Answer )

How do you get your bank account routing number?

Your routing number can be found on your checks. It is usually between two symbols that look like a line followed by two dots (e.g. |: 1234567 |: ) on the lower left corner of your check. If you do not have checks, contact your bank's customer service department or visit a local branch to ge ( Full Answer )

What is routing number for raiffeisen bank?

Raiffeisen Bank is not an American bank and therefore it does nothave a routing number. It does however have Swift codes, which actas a routing number. The code will depend on the country. Forexample the Swift code for the bank in Kosovo is RBKORS22XXX.

What bank is routing number 516300391?

It is not a routing number, it is a deposit number from WellsFargo. Most banks put their routing number and account number ondeposit slips. Wells Fargo (the only one I know) does not put therouting number on the deposit slips. The routing number must comeoff a check rather than a deposit slip when d ( Full Answer )

What is meant by routing number for bank?

A routing number is a numerical identification of the bank that issue the check. It will tell you what bank, city and state right down to the branch.

What bank has routing number 05400030?

This corresponds to PNC in Pittsburgh, PA. The Federal Reserve System maintains a publicly accessible list of these numbers.

Where can you find bank routing numbers?

Bank routing numbers can be found on a check next to the account number or found on some websites. Many websites also offer lists of routing numbers for various banks, or alternatively just ask in your bank.

What is a bank routing number used for?

A bank routing number is actually two fold. For one, it works as identification for that bank when it comes to transfers of money to and from that institution. Secondly, it helps to distinguish a legitimate institution that is part of the American Banking Association from something that could be fra ( Full Answer )

Which bank has 055002707 routing number?

The Suntrust Bank is the bank that has the routing number 055002707. Routing numbers are used to know where a transaction or deposit comes from. Every bank has a routing number that corresponds to their specific bank.

What bank has this routing number 124303120?

Routing Number # 124303120 GREEN DOT BANK Routing Number . 124303120. Bank . GREEN DOT BANK. Office Code . Main office. Servicing FRB Number . 121000374 Servicing Fed's main office routing number . Record Type Code . 1 The code indicating the ABA number to be used to route or sendA ( Full Answer )