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The Stihl 032 was introduced in 1978 and the maxrecamended bar length is 20".

But I know from experiencethey can easilyhandle up to 24".

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Q: What is the bar length of an 032AV stihl chainsaw?
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What is the bar length of an 034AV stihl chainsaw?

You can use several length bars on this saw. It looks like it came from the factory with a 20" bar.

What is the biggest size bar you can fit on a stihl ms270 chainsaw?

20 in. Bar

You would like to know as much as HP or Kw has the chainsaw stihl 08s?

The Stihl chainsaw model 08S has 3.75 horsepower or 2.8 kW. The displacement is 60.3 cc, the length of the bar is 24.8 inches, and the weight is 15.9 pounds.

Recommended Bar size for 041 chainsaw?

An 18" or 20" bar would be ideal on a Stihl 041

Is it possible to increase bar oil flow on a Stihl chainsaw?

Some Stihl chain saws have an adjuster underneeth the saw to turn up the oiler .

Will the Stihl 021 chainsaw operate an 18 inch bar and chain?

Not satisfactorily. The 021 is a lightweight saw.

Can you put a 36 bar on a stihl 045 AV chainsaw?

A STIHL 045 av is 75cc and the max recommended bar size for it is 32". However... If you have a 045 av Super then it would be 87cc and the max recommended bar length would be 36". So it depends if you have a SUPER or not. It is easy to tell as it will say SUPER on the top tag right below 045 av.

How do you tell the size of a chainsaw?

A chainsaw can be measured by Engine size or Bar length. Both are important to the weight and cutting applications

What size bar goes on a 034 stihl chainsaw?

I have an 034AV Super and it came stock with a 20" bar. An 034 isn't quite as powerful (56.5cc vs 61.5cc), but a 20" bar should still work great on it.

Can you put 18 inch bar on a stihl ms 210 chain saw?

Can I put a 18inch bar on a stihl

Does anyone sell a chainsaw case big enough for a Stihl 066?

The 066 is the only size that Stihl does NOT make a carrying case. It is too high and too wide for the standard case. In addition, it has a 27"+ bar and most cases can only handle up to 24".

What is the CCon a stihl 042chainsaw and bar length?

An 042AVE is 68cc and generally will run a 16", 18" or 20" bar. They use a 3/8" full profile chain that has 60, 66 or 72 drive links respectively depending on bar length.

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