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If a Baseball tern, this means a bunt.

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Q: What is the base on a base for?
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Is acetamide acid or base?

It is a base It is a base It is a base

What base is present in base?

a base

What is the largest three digit number?

base-2 : 111 = 7(base-10) base-3: 222 = 26(base-10) base-4: 333 = 33(base-10) base-5: 444 = 124(base-10) base-6: 555 = 215(base-10) base-7: 666 = 342(base-10) base-8: 777 = 511(base-10) base-9: 888 = 728(base-10) base-10: 999 = 999(base-10) base-11: AAA = 1241(base-10) base-12: BBB = 1727(base-10) base-13: CCC = 2196(base-10) base-14: DDD = 2743(base-10) base-15: EEE = 3374(base-10) base-16: FFF = 4095(base-10) In short, base-n: n cubed - 1(base-10)

In baseball what is the base after 1st base but before 3rd base?

2nd base...

What is 43 base five 24 base 5?

43 base five = 23 base 10 24 base five = 14 base 10 37 base 10 = 122 base 5

Which is further first base to 2nd base or 2nd base to 3rd base?

Every base is exactly 90 feet apart from the other, so it is neither further from 1st base to second base nor second base to third base.

When a base is mixed with a base it forms?

A stronger base.

Is it acid into base or base into acid?

acid into base

Is eno a base?

No,Eno is not a base,but it does contain base.

What is a 'CGPA Base'?

a CGPA Base is a CGPA Base

What is 503 in base 8?

503 base 10 = 767 base 8 503 base 8 = 323 base 10

What are the types of gene mutation?

base substitution , base insertions , base deletions , base inversions

Strong base and weak base?

Sodium hydroxide is a strong base; ammonia is a weak base.

What is the base of a shuttlecock base is made of?

The base is made of cork.

Are you in Casey base?

I am not in Casey base. But I am typing about Casey base!

Washing soda- acid or base?


Is milk a strong base or weak base?

It is a strong base.

What is the distance for first base to second base in baseball?

89'-4" First base, 16" square is inside the base line. Second base is on the intersection of the base lines. If First base is 16" square, from the center of First base to the center of second base is 89'-4"

What nucleotide bases are found in DNA?

DNA - Adenine (A Base) Cytosine (C Base) Guanine (G Base) Thymine (T Base) RNA - Adenine (A Base) Cytosine (C Base) Guanine (G Base) Uracil (U Base)

Is Windex a base?

it is a base

Is a banana a base?


121 in base 4 plus 84 in base 16?

121 in base 4 = 16 + 8 + 1 (base ten) = 2584 in base 16 = 128 + 4 (base ten) = 132132 + 25 = 157(base 10) = 9D (base 16) = 2131 (base 4)

Which base has the smallest base dissociation constant?

The base that has the smallest base dissociation constant is ammonia. It is a weak base and would ionize the least.

Can a base runner pass another base runner?

No they can not, and if a base runner does pass another base runner that base runner would be called out.

What is 2203 in base 5?

2203 in base 10, converted to base 5 is 323032203 in base 5, converted to base 10 is 303.