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What is the base pay for a doctor?

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It depends on what kind of doctor you are. The more you know, obviously the more money you make.

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How much money do you have to pay to be a doctor?

how much do u have to pay to be a doctor

Is base pay the same as hourly pay?

no, "base pay" is a set amount prescribed by the employer.

What will be my base pay?

my base pay will be a good job and that what I can do good with and not what I cant do

can you pay your bills and doctor bill,house morgan?

can you pay your bills and doctor bill and house morgan

WHAT IS THE difference between job-base pay and skilled base-pay?

JOb base pay is mostly used for skilled white collar workers while skilled base pay is mostly used for blue collar workers such as laborers and factory workers.

What is a base maker?

A base maker is a factory job for base pay.

What is a doctors annual pay?

doctor pay 2C a hurs

What is a co-pay?

A small payment for a visit to a doctor

How much is college for being a doctor?

For collage you have to pay for a doctor is 184,594,198.

Is it legal for a family doctor who is in a PPO network to bill a patient a membership fee outside of the patient's co-pay?

NO, NO, NO, bad doctor!

What is the difference between base pay and rate of pay?

From what i understand the Base Pay is what you will normally earn per week. The rate of pay is what you will get per hour. So if you were to work overtime than the wage would be worked out on the base rate multiplied by the hrs work.

What is the base word for prepay?

The base word is pay because 'pre' is a prefix. The prefix 'pre' means before.

How much does a person pay to become a doctor?

not a penny the nhs pay for it all

How does base salary plus commission work?

A base salary is when you get paid a smaller amount that you can count on in pay for your job. The commission is what you get when you sell something which is added to your base pay.

What are some jobs that pay good?


Is doctor pepper an acid or a base?

an acid

You must have a referring doctor in a?

You must have a referring doctor if you have an HMO. A referring doctor must refer you to a specialist in order for them to pay for it.

How much does a retired US army colonel make for pension?

Depends how long he served. 20 years = 50% base pay, 30 years = 75% base pay. It also depends on what year he retired, as the base pay goes up 3-5% every year, so he receives whatever his base pay WAS, not what it is NOW.

How much did a World War 2 soldier make?

A US Private made about $70.00 amonth, base pay. Other monies, such as jump (airborne) pay, hazardess duty pay, over-seas pay, etc. were added to his base pay.

What will be your base pay in the military?

Your base pay in the military depends on the rank that you have and how many years you have been in. It can range from 2,000 a month to much more.

Can a doctor refuse to treat a self pay patient?

A doctor can refuse to treat almost anyone.

Who gets a Pay of 50000 per year?


How much does a doctor get pay?

$27.73 per an hour.

Do you get pay while you study to become a Doctor?

NO you do not get payed

Are Base pay and net pay are they the same?

No. They're not really even related all that closely. Base pay is generally used to refer to some minimum pay that you're guaranteed to get no matter what; that is, it doesn't include incentive bonuses, commissions, or the like. Net pay is how much you actually get to take home after taxes are taken out. Net pay can be either more or less than base pay (more if your pay is structured based mainly on commissions; less if you're getting a straight wage/salary with no commissions or bonuses). Actually base pay is the RATE per period - hour,day,week. Net pay is the base minus all deductions for taxes, benefits, dues, etc.

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