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careful, which is a combination of "care" and "full" meaning full of care

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Q: What is the base word for carefully?
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What is the superlative word for the word Carefully?

most carefully

Is the word carefully a verb?

No, the word carefully is an adverb.

Is the word carefully an adjective?

No, carefully is an adverb.

What is the comparative and superlative of the word carefully?

more carefully, most carefully

Why isn't carefully a compound word?

A compound word is formed only from two elements both used as independent words. Although care and fully are indeed used as words on their own, the base word here is careful, and ful is not a complete word. Since careful is not a compound word, neither is carefully.

What is another word for carefully planned and executed?

read carefully

What is a sentence for the word carefully?

You need to carefully feed the baby.

What are the other words for carefully?

Cautiously is another word for carefully.

What is the sentence to the word carefully?

she carefully carried the glass jar

Is carefully a root word?


How can you make a sentence with the word Carefully?

I was carefully handling the rattlesnake when you startled me.

How do you make a sentence with the word Carefully?

Carefully, pal, that's a rattlesnake!

What is the base word for have?

there no base word its just one word Poem is this a base word

Carefully is what type of word?


What is another word carefully?


What is adjective of word carefully?


What word describes ''use resources carefully''?

carefully describes how good luck

What is to read very carefully?

A word that means to read very carefully is peruse.

What is howling a root word or a base word?

a base word Incorrect. Base = root Howl is the base or root word with a suffix " ing ".

What is the base base part of word?

There is no base for the word "word"

What is the base word for word reptile?

there is no base word

What is the base word for respect?

the base word of respect is respect. the word respect has no base word

What is the base word for relativity?

is the base word for studying ,base word for differently

What is the base word of calculator?

what the base word for calculator

What is carefully as an adverb?

The word carefully is already an adverb.An example sentence for you is: "She carefully unwrapped the chocolate, hoping for a golden ticket".