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What is the basic care for a guinea pig?

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2009-12-10 01:52:06

Basic Care

Well, keep them in cages, close the door of the cage every time

you leave, pet them, ALWAYS TALK IN A NICE VOICE, let them out to

run (watch them or get them a small animal play pen. Watch out if

you have cats/dogs or any other animal), use Carefresh or any other

non-toxic obsorbent bedding in their cage, clean their cage once a

week or so, you can use an animal disinfectant spray to make sure

they will not die, make sure they always have water, pellets, fresh

hay, something to chew on, daily fruits and veggies (remove what

they didn't eat at night time), and maybe a toy at all times. Let

them in your lap to pet them and gain trust with you. Clip their

claws (nails?) when they need clipping (do it carefully. It's just

like clipping a cats nails.) Maybe even get him/her a friend...they

are social animals. (if you have a male and female, make /sure/

one's fixed!!)

That's just all of the basics that came to mind right now. ;) I

advise you pick up a Guinea Pig care book at any pet store if

you're interested in purchasing a little furry Piggie.

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