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Basic Care

Well, keep them in cages, close the door of the cage every time you leave, pet them, ALWAYS TALK IN A NICE VOICE, let them out to run (watch them or get them a small animal play pen. Watch out if you have cats/dogs or any other animal), use Carefresh or any other non-toxic obsorbent bedding in their cage, clean their cage once a week or so, you can use an animal disinfectant spray to make sure they will not die, make sure they always have water, pellets, fresh hay, something to chew on, daily fruits and veggies (remove what they didn't eat at night time), and maybe a toy at all times. Let them in your lap to pet them and gain trust with you. Clip their claws (nails?) when they need clipping (do it carefully. It's just like clipping a cats nails.) Maybe even get him/her a friend...they are social animals. (if you have a male and female, make /sure/ one's fixed!!)

That's just all of the basics that came to mind right now. ;) I advise you pick up a Guinea Pig care book at any pet store if you're interested in purchasing a little furry Piggie.

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Can a child take care of a guinea pig?

yes a child can handle a guinea pig

Where can one learn about guinea pig care?

There are a lot of places one can learn to care for a guinea pig. One can learn from a book dedicated to guinea pig care, look on the internet for pet care tips, or simply ask an expert of animal care.

What is a better pet and easier to care for a Guinea Pig a Hamster or a gerbil?

i had a guinea pig and it was easy to take care of and it was a great pet

When did Princess Diana win award for guinea pig care?

Princess Diana won an award for Guinea Pig care in Norfolk when she was between ages 9 and 12.

What are all of the breeds of guinea pig?

American Guinea PigAbyssinian Guinea PigSkinny PigSilkie Guinea PigPeruvian Guinea PigTeddy Guinea PigTexel Guinea Pig

How long does a guinea pig get?

guinea pigs can live 8 years with proper care

How do you make a guinea pig run?

You don't make them run, nor should you force them to do anything that is not it the guinea pig care guide.

Is it easier to take care of a rabbit or a guinea pig?


How do you take care for a guinea pig in the winter?

By taking him inside!

Can you properley care for a guinea pig in an apartment?

yes you can very properly care for them in an apartment

How can you convince your mum to have a guinea pig?

Make sure you are ready for the commitment, as guinea pig care is a real undertaking. Try these two websites to learn more about guinea pig care. and Then tell your mom about all you have learned, and make sure she is ready to help you.

What has the author Peter Gurney written?

Peter Gurney has written: 'Guinea Pig' 'The proper care of guinea pigs' -- subject(s): Guinea pigs as pets 'What's My Guinea Pig?' 'Piggy Potions'

What other name is guinea pig known as?

The most common one is Cavy. There might be others but it is mostly Guinea Pig and Cavy, but they DO NOT come from New Guinea nor are they part pig. Take Care and god Bless! :)

How would a neglected guinea pig feel?

a neglected guinea pig may feel lonely or would need extra attention and care

Guinea pig with a broken back?

Needs immediate care!! Take to a vet immediately or it can cause permanent damage to your guinea pig, even kill it.

Does music affect a guinea pigs concentration in a maze?

It depends on what guinea pig is listening to the music, and what kind of music. If it is a baby guinea pig, then it will probably stop momentarily, and then keep on going. If it is an old guinea pig that has heard music before, he will prbably not care.

What is the best bedding for a guinea pig?

I suggest Care fresh bedding.

What do you do if you find a day old guinea pig in you cage?

You have to take care of it

What kind of animal is a guinea pig?

A guinea pig is a rodent. Remember that a guinea pig is not related to a pig.

What breed of guinea pigs live the longest?

It's pretty much not about the breed of the guinea pig but about how well you take care of it. My best friend has a golden-brown guinea pig and she's an expert on them and she told me that it usually depends on how well you take care of it.

How do you get parents to say yes to a guinea pig?

Tell them you will buy everything for it, take care of all cost and maintenance. But it doesn't matter what your parents say to the Guinea pig. Guinea pigs have acute hearing but no understanding of the human language at all. Your parents can say "Yes," or "No" or "blah-blah-blah," and the Guinea pig couldn't care less. Whether your parents will agree to the purchase of a Guinea pig is another matter though.

How long do guinea pig live for?

From 5 - 8 years,but if you take VERY GOOD care of your guinea pig, you might be lucky if it lived a bit longer.......

What does a boy guinea pig and a girl guinea pig look like?

A guinea pig

Can a guinea pig get pregnant with out a boy guinea pig?

No, a male guinea pig is required.

Can a guinea pig get mites?

OH YES. Guinea pigs get mites sometimes. Make sure you get your guinea pig from a place that is clean and takes care of their pets well. Because when my friend got her guinea pig, she got it from a crappy store in the mall, and it had mites. If your guinea pig does happen to get mites, you get rid of them by shampooing them with special mite shampoo.