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A byte (character) is the basic storage unit in memory.

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Q: What is the basic storage unit in memory?
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Basic storage unit in memory?

a bit.

What is the smallest unit of memory storage in a memory?


What is the number of bytes called that a storage medium can hold?

It is the memory capacity of the storage unit.

An icon is the basic unit of storage on the computer is that true or false?


What is a CPU memory unit?

RAM is generally measured in Megabytes or Gigabytes

Explain in detail the basic organization of computer with neat diagram?

The basic organisation of computer includes, 1.Control Unit2.Central Processing Unita)Control Unitb)Arithmetic and Logical Unitc)Memory Unit*Primary Storage*Secondary Storage3.Output Unit

What is the typical unit used to measure RAM memory and storage memory?

GB(Gygabytes) or MB(megabytes)

What are the three common components of computer?

central processing unit comprising of arithmetic logic unit and control unit, and RAM i.e.the internal memory

How many basic storage units of memory does a megabyte contain?

1Megabyte = 1024 Kilobytes = 1024*1024 Bytes = 1024*1024*8 bits. The question is very unclear on basic storage unit of memory and I am assuming that it is asking for how many physical transistors it contains. There are many answers to it but the assuming 1 transistor can hold 1 bit the answer can safely be 1024*1024*8

What's the order of the basic memory processes in which information enters your memory system and is used later?

Encoding - storage - retrival.

Definition of mass-memory unit?

Mass-memory unit is drum or disk memory that provides rapid access bulk storage. It does this for awaiting availability of outgoing channels, and is used in the field of computer science.

Are memory storage cards available for the Nintendo Ds?

The Nintendo DS relies on battery backed storage in the individual game cartridges for all memory storage. There is a small amount of built-in memory in the Nintendo DS unit itself, however, this is not expandable. Nintendo and third parties do not currently offer external memory storage cards for the Nintendo DS.