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Self storage, more widely know as storage units, is a trending industry that helps consumers store their belongings.

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Storage Units

What is the average cost of pods storage?

Pod storage varies from state to state, as well as the company you rent from. Many moving companies now offer the convenience of pod storage, so calling them is the only way to get their pricing.

Storage Units

How many cubic feet in 5' by 5' storage unit?

Usually up to 200 cu/ft. You assume that you can stuck up to 8 feet, and then you multiply 5X5X8 = 200 cubic feet.

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Storage Units

Is there something you can put in storage containers to keep mold from growing? мониторинг хайпов, инвестиций

Mold Prevention

First understand what your dealing with, mold in many forms has been around since the dawn of time. There are a few things you can do to prevent mold:

  • First remove any source of Moisture
  • Control the temperature if you really want to stop mold growth
  • Place your goods in breathable containers; use cedar to prevent insects

The best thing to use is silica gel packets, which can be purchased on line, you can buy reusable packets, place them in the oven for 20 minutes at a low temp removes any moisture and drop one after cooling into your storage container.

You will find little gel packets in electronics, small appliance, even some dog food packages, it will not hurt the skin if it come in contact and is fairly cheap.

DO NOT REUSE THE ONES IN Packages, buy the right ones

Damp Rid is calcium chloride it becomes a liquid when used as a dehydrator and is corrosive when a liquid, it is also used for ICE removal in the winter time.

OK for rooms and closets where it doesn't come in contact with your stored contents

You can go to the EPA's web site for additional information Mold and Mold prevention

Storage Units

How much will it cost to rent a pods storage unit and have the company move the pod 15 miles across town?

To get the pod is only about 500 and that's for moving you stuff the day its delivered but if you gonna store it for a while then move it's gonna vary.

Storage Units

What might cause a chemical smell coming from a refrigerator?

I have a fridge Id been storing, unplugged, in the garage and it smells like chemicals now. I've wanted to sell it but I have no idea why it smells so bad.

  • If your store a refrigerator in the cellar or wherever tape a little block of wood or a sock etc to the frame of the doors this will prevent that stale odor from occurring because now you have air changing in the unit. The refrigerator should be clean and dry. Also put an open box of baking soda, charcoal or coffee or an open container of coffee in freezer and refrigerator sections which will absorb odor.
  • Check your defrost drip pan behind the grate at the bottom of refrigerator clean the pan and vacuum the condenser while your at it (it is the black wires sticking out from a series of black tubes).
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Storage Units

How much does climate controlled self storage cost?

This is going to vary but storage company & location. Best thing to do is call several local storage places and get quotes from them.

I recently compared square footage prices for secured, climate-controlled warehouse storage in vaults v. self-storage with the same components. For a fair comparison, one must consider the actual cost of the space, utilities, security, environmental controls (mostly humidity) and personal property insurance.

Self-storage came to $1.44 per square foot. Warehouse storage, $1.66 before overhead and profit. O&P adds approximately $.97 to the cost for warehouse storage, same factors.

The biggest issue is insurance: coverage, exclusions, ACV or Replacement Cost, ad nauseam. I would suggest a face-to-face with your agent for an explanation, write up a memo to him summarizing the meeting and the information provided and mail it to him and to yourself, certified mail. File your copy unopened for future reference if needed.

Prices are higher in dense urban areas than in rural areas, so it's difficult to provide a definitive answer. Storage can be rented for as little as $10 a month, or as much as hundreds of dollars per month, depending on location, size, and amenities (like climate control).

Did you know that in the U.S. there are more self storage facilities than Starbucks stores?! So odds are there are more than a few facilities near you. Many specialty search websites enable you to compare the costs and features of self storage facilities without picking up the phone. Try, Spare Foot, or US Storage Search.

Storage Units

What is the best size rental truck to move two fully-packed 5x10' storage units?

14 footer at least. you figure two 5x10 units side by side make a 10x10 unit so use that as a reference when renting the truck.

Storage Units

What does storage unit provide?

A place to store excess consumer or business goods.

Storage Units

How do you get a auctioners license to storage units?

If you're saying that you're a storage company and you're trying to auction off someone's goods because they stopped paying their bills, then I don't think you need an auctioneer's licence. Best bet is to stick the stuff on ebay, or you might find it easier to just pay someone to take all the junk away(most delinquent storage units are full of junk - otherwise the customer would pay the money to retain their valuable stuff!

Check out clause 18 on our terms and conditions to get an idea of what the rules are (see link below).

Storage Units

Basic storage unit in memory?

a bit.

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Storage Units

Is your personal property covered under a homeowners policy while in a storage facility?

In my opinion yes. As long as your personal property is stored in a location that is not a residence or could be considered a residence.

Storage Units

What is the basic storage unit in memory?

A byte (character) is the basic storage unit in memory.

Storage Units

How much will it cost to rent a pods storage unit the smallest one 7?

The cost of a portable storage unit is going to vary based on numerous factors. Expect to pay anywhere from $50/month to over $150/month for a storage pod. This does not take into consideration the drop off and pick-up charges, which will run from $100 t0 $150 each way.

If you live in a city you will obviously have more portable storage companies to choose from, but regardless shop around. The most popular companies are:

Make sure to read the fine print. There can be additional costs if you choose to hold on to the storage container longer than anticipated or need to break the contract.

Storage Units

If you get behind on monthly payments on a self-storage unit and they put a lien on it how long do you have to pay the arrears and redeem your belongings in VA?

Your contract must spell it all out for you in plain terms, and they will give you all that information in the notice of default, or you can simply call them and ask.

The owners actually have a lien on your property from the moment you store it in their self-storage unit until you remove it.

That said, you can also consult: "Virginia Self-Service Storage Act."

Title 55, Chap. 23, §55-419 (enforcement of lien).

It requires them to give you 20 days notice of sale (by certified mail) after you have been in default for 10 days, at which time they can sell your possessions. So, on the specified day, no less than thirty days after payment was due, they can sell your stuff, if they have notified you properly (of the default and of the sale) and you failed to pay.

Additional details at the site linked, or similar you might search for online.

Storage Units

How do you find storage unit auctions in north Carolina?

Check the classified section of your local newspaper. The Winston-Salem Journal publishes storage unit auction ads for the Winston-Salem area.

Storage Units

Is London removals a well known storage unit?

It is definetly the largest, not well known. the place is secured twenty four hours a day. Again the largest... no the most known. hope this helps you. sounds secured so I'd give it a try.

Storage Units

Do you have to be a certified auctioneer to bid on unclaimed storage units in Canada?

You don't have to be an licensed auctioneer to bid, but you have to be an auctioneer to call bids.

Storage Units

What is the Seed with two storage units?

Dicot seeds

Storage Units

You bought a storage unit full of filters oil air fuel etc how can you find out what they fit most are wix and fram in their boxes and for large equipment?

all fram filters have a number on the filter and on the box get a fram filter book and get to matching numbers

Storage Units

How safe are storage units in Miami?

Dependent on the area of Miami you chose to store your belongings in and the level of security available storage units can be considered to be very safe in Miami.

Storage Units

How can you make pretty storage units out of shoe boxes?

To make decorative shoe-box storage units, you will need:

- the usual covers etc. for your work area, this could get messy, depending on the skill level of the person/people doing the craft.

- shoe boxes, lots of them.

- craft paper, in white, brown and as many colours as you want, big enough to cover a box and/or lid.

- old, unused wall-paper, big enough to cover a box and/or lid.

- scraps of wrapping paper, big enough to cover a box and/or lid.

- measuring tape, fabric tapes are best as they are more flexible.

- straight edge & pencil

- glue, spray glue is great, but plain old whit glue will work just as well.

- tape

- scissors, roller cutter or xacto knives, as your skill level allows.

- stamps & inks; sticker; paint & brushes; glitter; magazine photos (for collage) or other items to decorate the box.

- decoupage liquid & brush or other top coat (spray clear) if desired

- an old business card or cardboard pieces.

Start by preparing your work area.

- put down a drop cloth or the like, get all of your supplies out and ready, aprons or smocks are a great idea for children (and us messy adults)

Check your shoe box and lid for condition.

- make any necessary repairs, and reinforce the corners as needed.

- you may find the lid will need more attention than the box itself.

Pick your basic covering.

- for this instruction I will use a plain white craft paper.

Measure your shoebox down the side, across the bottom and up the other side, add 2 inches to the total for overlap. measure the box the other direction and add two inches to the total.

- using your straight edge and pencil mark the size of your box on the paper.

- using scissors (or other) cut the piece of paper to the desired size. Be careful here and try to keep the corners and edges as square and straight as possible.

Place the shoe box in the center of the paper, "wrong side up" or on the back of the paper.

- score the area at the fold line with a stylus or dull pencil.

- hold the box firmly in place and fold the paper up the sides and over the top edge.

- for the back of the storage box use the standard square fold, used on gift boxes.

- for the front you may want to use a variation on the standard square fold, by folding the "flaps" back along the long side, or reversing the fold and putting the "flaps" inside, leaving a flat and finished look.

- at this point you are only scoring the folds, to get the project ready for glue.

Repeat the measuring and folding with the shoebox lid.

The paper may be left as is, decorated now, before application to the box (this is a good time for random patterns and designs) or decorated after the box is covered (this is a good time if you are doing a collage, a stamped design with a definite up/down or other project that needs to be recognisable)

Apply glue to the "back" of the paper.

- cover well and completely.

Place box in center of paper,

- using scored lines fold paper up over sides of box

- gently smooth out any air bubbles and wrinkle (the thinner the paper the more delicate it will be and the more likely it will wrinkle)

- fold "flaps" in and if necessary, glue into place (be careful and do not use too much glue, it may stain)

- fold extra one inch per side over the top of the box and down into the inside.

Repeat the above with the box lid.

Decorate the exterior of the box and lid, in whatever manner you have chosen.

Allow to dry.

Check all seams and particularly the inside where you overlapped the paper.

- reinforce the inside with a good quality tape.

Seal the finished box and lid with either decoupage liquid or spray sealer if you so choose, and allow to dry.

On the front of the box, adhere the plain business card (of piece of card stock cut to approximately the same size).

- you may want to use glitter glue around the edges to make a "frame"

- write the contents of the box on the card (crayons, pens, silk flowers, etc) this will make finding things easier in future.

Note - if the boxes are made by and for children it might be easier to put a picture of the enclosed items on the front of the box. I hot glued a crayon, and a small brush, and an old hot wheels car on boxes for my nephew (who was too young to read) I also put a picture of his "lego" on a larger box for him.

Storage Units

Can you contact the buyer of your storage unit?

If a lien has been placed on your unit, it went to auction, and somebody bought your stuff, it is up to the storage facility manager whether or not to provide you the contact info of the buyer. Note that storage facilities HATE auctions because of issues like this that arise, but there's no harm in asking politely. Especially if it was a personal item of little market value, and you're talking about compensating the person who purchased the unit, you may have some luck finding the person who has your items.

Storage Units

A storage unit in a cell is the?


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Storage Units

Auction mini storage units how do i locate auctions in my area?

Look in your newspaper under public will find them there.

Also look in Yellow Pages but they only list a small percentage of auction houses

You can sign up for a paid service as well, there are a few out there, there is only one that covers the whole country.

You can also find free storage auction info online.

Storage Units

Would a deck side storage unit that has a capcity of 129 gallons hold the weight of coal?

About 1,000 lbs.


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