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It's basically about an orphan girl who is invited to spend Christmas with a millionaire in his mansion. In the end, she gets adopted. There's a lot more to the story than that, but that's basically how it goes.

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Was the play Annie a musical hit?

The Broadway Musical Annie was a musical hit.

What musical are most frequently performed by high school groups?

West side story, High School Musical, The Wizard of OZ, and Annie

What musical was based on Annie Oakley?

Annie Get Your Gun.

Is Annie the musical also a book?

Annie the musical actually originated from a comic strip called Little Orphan Annie by Harold Gray.

What date was Annie the musical first written?

The musical "Annie" premiered on Broadway in 1977. It is based on the characters from the Little Orphan Annie comic strip.

Where did they get the idea for the show Annie the musical?

From the comic strip, Annie.

How many acts are in Annie the musical?

There are 2 acts in Annie.

Where did Annie the musical debut?

Annie the musical opened at the Alvin Theatre in 1977 (now the Neil Simon Theatre)

What are the Musical Instruments used in Annie the Musical?

There are different kinds of musical instruments used in Annie the musical. You can either Google it, it's faster, or search for the songs used in the musical. And find out what musical instruments used in every song.

What are some fictional characters beginning with the letter a?

Annie (from the musical "Annie")

Who played Annie in the Musical Annie?

Aileen Quinn played Annie in the 1982 movie Musical of Annie while Alicia Morton did in 1999. there have been many girls that have played Annie on Broadway and touring, but the first one was Andrea McArdle

Is there such thing as Annie the musical 2?


When is Annie's birthday from the movie Annie?

In the musical Annie, she was born on October 28th.

Which musical is the fictionalized version of the life of USA sharpshooter Annie Oakley?

Annie Get Your Gun.

Who were the names of the people who are in the musical Annie?

July Tessie Pepper molly Kate and Annie

Was the musical Annie an adaptation from a book?

Annie was based on a comic strip by Harold Gray.

Is pepper an important part in the musical Annie?


What musical features the song tomorrow?


What style of music is in Annie the musical?


What year did the musical Annie open on Broadway?

Annie the musical premiered on Broadway on the 21st of April in 1977. It's reported to have played 2,377 performances.

What are the best shows out on Broadway now?

There are a lot of great Broadway shows out at the moment which people can go to see, these include: Annie - The musical story of a young orphan girl and her life before and after adoption Chicago - A sexy musical story of women in the 1920s who have killed their lovers Mamma Mia! - A musical story of a mother and daughter, exploring the past and enjoying their present

Who played kate in Annie the musical?

April Lerman played Kate in one of the movies of Annie.

What musical did Its the hard knock life feature in?


Is the musical Annie fiction or non fiction?

It is fiction.

Who is annette from the musical Annie?

she is one of the servants in the orphanage

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