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Q: What is the basis of 10 point grading system?
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What is Beckett Grading System?

The grading system grades on a 10 point scale and it includes half point. The system covers four categories that include centering, corners, edges and surface.

What is the grading system for tenth class?

i think the grading system was good and i think the grading was passes to 10 class

Is it grading system for class 10 in 2009-2010?

this year grading system will be applied

What is scale 10 grading system?

The grading system in Norway is a scale from 1 to 6

Which is better 7-point grading scale or a 10-point grading scale?

It depends but its a lot easier to get high grades (A's and B's) on a ten point grading scale.

What is a 10 point grading scale?

With a 10 point grading scale the results (of a test etc.) are given a value between 0 and 9 or 1 and 10. If the grading is "on a curve" than the distribution of the various grades is spread on a Gaussian normal distribution.

Cgpa to percentage for 10 point scale?

If you attend a school with a 10-point system of grading, the formula to convert it to a percentage is CGPA*9.3. For example, if your CGPA is 9.00, it would be 9.00*9.3 = 83.7 percent. CGPA stands for cumulative grade point average.

Cgpa in BE annauniversity?

Anna University's grading point system is based on 10 points. To convert take the CGPA number and multiply that by 8.82. This result is the equivalent percentage.

Is grading system in 10 th ok?

yes,this greding is very yes

What letter grade is a 84.75 percent average?

on a 10 point grading scale it is a B.

What is an 88 in school?

Well it depends on your schools grading scale.. if you have a 10 point scale an 88 is B.. Other than that im not sure! do you have a fb? If so ask someone you go to school with if you dont have a 10 point grading scale

What is advantages of grading system in tenth class?

For class X CBSE has discontinued with the practice of giving marks. Fro this year 2010 it has started grading system.91% - 100% marks - A1 grade and 10 Grade Points---------20% and below - E2 grade and no grade points.A students getting A1 grade in all subjects gets 10 Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA)advantages of grading system in 10th classIt is said to reduce stress and reduce unhealthy competition among specially the toppers.