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Having group insurance, as opposed to individual insurance, brings the benefit of lower prices for a certain service. Since every one person in the group will be paying the same price for the insurance, it is the more money that can cover the costs of the things you need.

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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

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Q: What is the benefit of having group insurance as opposed to individual insurance?
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What is the benefit of family medical insurance above individual medical insurance?

The benefit of family medical insurance above individual medical insurance, is that your premiums are much lower and the whole family is covered, instead of having to take out separate policies for everyone.

What are the benefits of having universal life insurance?

The most important benefit of having an universal life insurance is that you can provide a permanent death benefit to those who depend on you while earning cash value.

What type of business would benefit from having haulage insurance coverage?

Shipping or transport companies would benefit from having haulage insurance. Haulage insurance covers damages in transportation of good, so the shipping companies would want it.

What is the point of having HMO insurance?

Having HMO insurance will benefit you later in life, were something to happen to you. It will cover the costs associated with fixing the problem.

What does it mean to be an individual and having individuality?

To do your own thing as opposed to a group thing.

What are the benefits of having Term Insurance as opposed to Whole life Insurance?

The benefits of having Term Insurance as opposed to Whole Life Insurance are that Term Insurance is cheap for people up to the age of 50 and even up to the age of 65 in some cases. Whereas Whole Life Insurance is much more expensive as you are also paying for an investment in bonds or stocks which add significantly to the premium

What are the benefits of having family health care versus individual healthcare?

Well the most likely benefit you will see is that most of your employees will have families and will more than likely require insurance coverage for their families.

Whats the benefits of a term life insurance no medical exam?

The benefits of having a term life insurance with no medical exam is not having to go through a medical exam before being signed on a policy. This could benefit an individual who has poor health but still requires coverage, as there would be no exam that could inconvenience them.

What is the benefit of infinity insurance?

By having Infinity Auto Insurance, you will be insured which is a good thing. Also, you can manage your policy online. They also offer classic car and RV insurance.

Can I benefit from my husbands pre-existing condition insurance plan?

Usually people do not benefit from having a pre-existing condition. Insurance companies use this to deny benefits to those applying. Not sure how this would be good.

Is there a benefit to having an assigned car insurance agent versus not having one?

I suppose that the benefit of having a personalized car insurance agent would be if you got into a wreck, it would be easier to get service. You wouldn't have to call a main number and wait a lot longer, you could just be put straight through to someone.

What are some benefits of having an ETNA health insurance?

Having AETNA health insurance provides coverage for an individual as well as family. Coverages that are offered include, medical or health and dental.

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