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The benefit would be that the Senseo coffee maker is fairly easy to clean. It has the pods that are filled with the coffee grounds so you don't have the mess of filters and loose coffee like a traditional coffee maker. The bad thing about the pods are they are more expensive than regular coffee grounds.

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Q: What is the benefits of a Senseo coffee maker over a traditional coffee maker Will be it substantially more expensive to switch?
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What brand of single serve coffee maker is least expensive?

The Senseo 7810 is an affordable single cup coffee maker. It retails for around 60.00. Senseo brand coffee for single serve makers is easily available at most retail stores making Senseo a good choice for single serve makers.

Is a senseo pod from Asia It sounds Asian.?

Senseo is a brand of coffee pod that actually originated in the Netherlands. The first Senseo machine was released in the Netherlands in 2001.

What is a senseo coffee pod?

A senseo coffe pod is a small bag of ground coffee by the brand "senseo" and also comes in many flavors. You can see all of the flavors, and purchase senseo coffee pods at

What are senseo pods used for?

They are used to hold your cup while the coffee is brewing. To put it simply, it's the unit that brews the coffee from the Senseo cups. The water filters through the flavour cup and into your cup which is placed in the bottom of the Senseo unit.

Where can I find cheap senseo pods?

On Senseo's official website, you can find a list of all retailers who offer senseo pads. The link is One of the retailers,, is currently offering 10% off the pods.

Where does someone buy a Senseo Coffee Maker?

If you're searching for a Senseo Coffee Maker, look no further then your local Walmart store. If you're looking for a deal on a Senseo then try Amazon of Ebay as both will have new and used models for a cheaper price.

Can you find senseo coffee pods at your local store?

Of course! You can usually find Senseo coffee pods and products at coffee shops and larger grocery stores and supermarkets. They are delicious and affordable.

Where can one find more information about Senseo coffee makers?

Information about Senseo coffee makers can be found on retail sites where fine coffee makers are sold. These coffee makers are moderately priced but function well.

Where can I purchase senseo coffee pods?

You can actually buy Senseo coffee pods pretty much anywhere like Walmart, Amazon, and Target. If you want more locations nearest you, you can visit the website and type in your zipcode.

What does Philips Senseo make?

Philips Senseo makes various types of coffee makers. It was a very popular brand of coffee makers, selling over 20 million products by 2008. It was first produced in 2001 in the Netherlands.

What kinds of reviews does a Senseo coffee machine receive?

The Senseo coffee machine has and still is receiving great reviews. The most commonly noted positives are that you don't waste coffee and you can choose different flavors whenever you want.

What stores sell Senseo coffee?

Senseo coffee is widely available for purchase via online retailers, such as Amazon and coffee specific retailers, such as Coffee Wiz. However, it can also be purchased locally in most large department stores in the coffee drinks aisle.

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