Adolf Hitler

What is the best Hitler movie?



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Max (2002) with John Cusack, in my opinion.

In my opinion, Der Untergang (Downfall) is by far the best movie of Adolf Hitler.

Bruno Ganz's performance is absolutely Amazing!

Of course a question of this nature will get many answers: The Downfall is extremely good. You could also watch "The Bunker (1981) with Anthony Hopkins, excellent portrayal of Hitler by Hopkins. It is said he did such a good job at playing Hitler that when he entered a room to do a scene, the actors playing Nazi Officers snapped to attention upon his entry.

Valkyrie is excellent and also Stauffenburg, which is about operation Valkyrie.

Hitler: The Last Ten Minutes is pretty good. The whole movie, not just the last ten minutes. That's part of the name.

The Desert Fox: The story of Rommel is another good one, although it's not really about Hitler. Try those and I don't think you will be disappointed. You can watch them for free on a website called: let me watch this .com providing you download the divx player, it's free, it's virus free and it's basically a video player like real player or windows media player. Ice films also has a collection of about 50,000 movies you can watch for free in regular and Blu-ray quality. Both these sites have movies from new releases to classic oldies. You can narrow your searches down in both of these sites to locate WWII or Hitler movies or whatever you desire. Good luck and check those out!!!