What is the best Lego Star Wars minifigure?

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well it is really a opinion what is the best but i think that the 14k gold c3po is the best and yes they did make a 14k gold minifigure.
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How do you get minikits on Lego Star Wars?

You usually need to play in free play to get them. You also usually have to do something special that is not in the story line to get them. Once it has appeared, or you spot it, you just have to walk up to it and you will collect it. Most of them require a special character:. Jedi: They can jump tw ( Full Answer )

LEGO Star Wars money?

In all Lego Star wars games if you have 4000 million studs you will have max money. Note that if you collect any studs your money will not change anymore but if you buy some stuff it will change. After everything is sold out in the Lego Star wars shop and you have max money. Please start a new file. ( Full Answer )

What is the rarest LEGO minifigure?

There is not a rarest lego they are all the same amount in popularity. Trust me im a lego expert. Jk its the gold c3p0

What is LEGO city on Star Wars LEGO?

Lego city is a timed challenge where you have to collect 1,000,000 (1 million) studs before the time runs out. The aim is to destroy things, blast things, use the force on things and think of creative ways to get studs - but it gets hard once you on about 995,220 studs!

What jedi can you get in LEGO Star Wars?

There are many jedi you can play as in Lego Star Wars. In Lego Star Wars the Video Game you can play as Qui Gon Ginn, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Padawan), Darth Maul (Episode I); Obi-Wan Kenobi (Master), Anakin Skywalker (Padawan), Yoda, Plo Koon, Shaak Ti, Luminara, Kit Fisto, Ki-Adi Mundi, Mace Windu, Count ( Full Answer )

What is the best Star Wars lego set?

The best LEGO Star Wars set is 10179 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon. The best part is the swooshability since it was build to be hung or "flown" even though it weighs 24 lbs! Unfortunately it is out of production but you can still buy some ... http://www.amazon.com/LEGO-Ultimate-Collect ( Full Answer )

Where is LEGO city in LEGO Star Wars?

In Mos Eisley Cantina (LSWTCS), you'll see that there are doors for every episode. In addition, there is a bonus lounge. Go in, and you'll see more unlockable doors. Each of these doors is opened once you have a certain number of gold bricks. If you have enough, you can unlock LEGO City.

How do you design LEGO minifigures?

Drawing the lego minifigure, and then show the lego mackers.And then ask the lego mackers so they will mack it.

Who is the best character in lego star wars the complete saga?

The Emperor \nBoba Fett and Jango Fett are pretty cool, especially Boba Fett with his rockets enabled. Also, ghost Anakin, Yoda and Obi-Wan are sweet. But I think the ultimate is playing as the Emperor. Forces with lightening, has a light saber, dark force, double-jump and a sweet jump attack.

What is the rarest Lego Star Wars?

The Star Wars collector's edition Tantine VI which is a largeseveral thousand piece spaceship model; the ship that is the veryfirst seen in Episode 4.

Where can you buy LEGO minifigure packs?

LEGO Minifigures packs are availble in the United States at some Toys R Us's or Targets or Walmarts. If you don't live in the US you can either travel there or buy them on eBay. You can also just simply buy any currently available series from the official LEGO online shop.

In Lego Star Wars what is LEGO city?

Lego city is a fun way of earning cash and basically an extra reward for completeing a certain amount of gold bricks. And you just destoy things and play around till you reach a certain amount of studs

Where can you buy the LEGO minifigures?

Bricklink has numerous stores that sells lego that varies by sets, parts, instructions, minifigures, boxes, etc. The prices also differ, so pick the one that cost the least. So it's worth checking out!

Which Lego Star Wars wii game is the best?

The answer to this question is debatable. But personally, although I haven't played Lego Star Wars yet, but from what I have seen, I'd have to say Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars would be my top choice

Are Lego Star Wars the best LEGOs on the planet?

Definitely, they are the best toys. you can amagine so much for instance theres vehicles, turrets, bases, special guns, and last but not least customizable characters. There for LEGO STAR WARS ROCKS.

Where are the cheapest Star Wars LEGOs?

I think your looking for a shop that sells Star Wars Lego sets? Well, I'm afraid that new, most Lego sets are around the same RRP. You might find used sets cheaper on eBay and the like, but they may have pieces missing or damaged. For Lego video games, your best bet would be Amazon, they have a goo ( Full Answer )

What Lego minifigures are in series 5?

im pretty sure there is a midget clown, university graduate, cave woman, dino suit man, lumberjack and i forget the rest xD

Who is the best character in Lego Star Wars III?

The best goody is Plo koon The best baddys are General Greivous and Darth Maul IMPROVE: those r opinions.if ur talking about facts than there is no best character

Cheat sheet for LEGO minifigures?

There are cheat sheets for lego mini figures. make sure to do research and get the correct series. they are hard to read!

What is the rarest Lego Star Wars minifigure in the world?

Original answer: The solid gold C-3po randomly placed in lego Star Wars sets. Thereare only 3 in existence More information: According to an Internet search, 5 solid gold Lego C3PO minifigureswere awarded in a sweepstakes that took place in 2007. The winnersapparently are very quiet about their ( Full Answer )

How do you get free Lego Star Wars minifigures?

You can't really get free Lego figures unless a friend, or someone you know gives you them. However, great sites like eBay offer a cheap, trusty, professional service and give you what you want. Try it - honestly it works, I buy from eBay all the time, and know how useful and trustworthy it really i ( Full Answer )

When did LEGO minifigures start?

Very basic Lego Minifigures appeared in Lego Family sets in 1974. It wasn't till 1978 that we saw the friendly, yellow faced figures arrive.

What is the Lego mrgold minifigure?

it's made out of real gold and extremely hard to find and superrare!!!!!! to find him feel his stick and shape of a diamond andfeel is top hat and big enormouse stick.

Where can one purchase Lego Star Wars minifigures?

Once can purchase Lego Star Wars mini-figures on Ebay, Amazon, and various other toy stores. One can also purchase them at Target. If you would like to find more stores that sell these mini-figures, feel free to search "Lego Star Wars mini-figures" on the Google Shopping website. There, you can find ( Full Answer )

Where can one buy LEGO Minifigures?

LEGO Minifigures can be purchased at Toys R Us, Fire Star Toys, Amazon, The Official Lego Minifigures website, and eBay. All of these website have customer reviews.

Where can someone get Star Wars LEGOs?

Star Wars Lego products can be purchased from many toy shops such as Toys 'R' Us or ToyWiz. They can also be purchased from online mega-retailers such as Amazon or eBay.

When did Lego Star Wars begin?

LEGO Star Wars began in 1999. This is also the same year in whichLEGO Star Wars toy sets were also released.