What is the best Lego castle set?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What is the best Lego castle set?
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What is the biggest LEGO castle set LEGO ever made?

The largest Lego castle set is the Lego Castle giant chess set with 2,481 pieces and the largest castle play set is Medieval Market Village with 1,601 pieces

Where can I purchase a lego castle set?

I think that I just say the lego castle at the Lego store in the Mall of America you might be able to connect with them via the phone or the internet to order the set as well.

Is a LEGO set valuable if its incomplete?

it depends how big it is. i saw an incomplete Lego castle for $100.00!

What LEGO Harry Potter set has the Gryffindor Sword?

It is in the hogwarts castle

Where can you buy old castle Lego?

The best place is probably Bricklink.

Where is the LEGO castle website?

Lego Castle is a discontinued theme and therefore is no longer on the Lego website.

Will there be a LEGO castle video game?

Lego Castle no longer exists, so there probably won't be a Lego Castle Video Game.

Where can one find blueprints for building a Lego castle?

You can go to Lego's website and go to their customer service page and ask for the blueprints for any lego product. All you need to know is the name of the specific lego set or the set number.

What exactly is a LEGO castle?

A Lego Castle was a Lego theme featuring knights and castles. the Lego Castle was brought out in 1978, and continues to the present. Lego Castle sets were sold with the Lego Land banner until 1991. Lego decided to change, and add Lego System in 1992. But that was dropped after 1999. Also, Lego Castle is favored by many people because they are interested in the medieval, and fantasy settings.

What happened to Castle LEGO?

The Lego Castle series has been discontinued but it is being replaced with the Lego Kingdoms series.

Which Lego set was the best selling set ever made?

Lego mindstorms biotic is the best selling set ever made. It has sold over 1 million.

What was the best selling LEGO set ever made?

I think the best selling LEGO ever made is the LEGO city edition.