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What is the best Pokemon move?


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March 24, 2010 2:28AM


  1. It's your choice.
  2. Metronome is one of the most unique moves but has chances of using a worthless move like Splash.
  3. Sketch would not be likely to be the #1 move, because only the Smeargle species can learn it; if your favorite Pokemon isn't Smeargle, it can't learn Sketch. Sketch may be an interesting move, but the actual move you copy is what to consider best or not.
  4. Explosion has 250 Power (the highest of all existing Pokemon moves) but costs the user's life.
  5. Moves with a 100 Power and Accuracy (like Earthquake and Judgement).

    In regards to what was said above, Smeargle learn Sketch every 10 levels, so you can have more than one move. Also, the move deleter can get rid of unwanted moves, and the move relearner can help Smeargle remember Sketch.