The Twilight Saga

What is the best Twilight book?


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New Moon, no question about it.

Well, in my opinion its a tie between New Moon and Eclipse.

I think Eclipse is the best.

The best is Twilight because it has a plot. It's the beginning of a romance and love story between a vampire and a human. So sincere.

I know it is Breaking Dawn because so much is happening.

I'm personally thinking Breaking Dawn, although the ending was so anticlimactic that it could've been a second to Twilight. New Moon was just unbearably dull and the never ending moping really made time drag on, and I read it in just over a day. Eclipse was fine, except it would have been much better if we actually saw the battle and some more action, instead of simply getting a dull commentary from Edward who we then barely see fighting Victoria as they are moving so fast they are like blurs.