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Air Tran or Alaskan

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What is the best airline in the us?

I think it's SOUTHWEST

What airline is the best?

The best Airline by region according to the Skytrax World Airline Awards:Best Airline : AsiaCathay Pacific AirwaysBest Airline : AustralasiaQantas AirwaysBest Airline : AfricaSouth African AirwaysBest Airline : EuropeSwiss International Air LinesBest Airline : Middle EastQatar AirwaysBest Airline : North AmericaContinental AirlinesBest Airline : South AmericaLAN AirlinesBest Airline : Central AmericaTACABest Airline : Pacific regionAir Tahiti NuiCathay Pacific was named Airline of the year 2009.

What are US airline baggage limits?

Check With Your Airline

What is the best airline to travel on?

Every person who chooses an airline will have different criteria on why they prefer an airline. The destinations an airline travels too and the price may factor into the popularity of an airline.

When was US Airline Pilots Association created?

US Airline Pilots Association was created in 2007.

Which airline is 2009 best airline?

Asiana Airlines from Korea.

What company has the best rates for international flights?

I assume you mean what airline has the best rates for international flights. If this is so then it is best to look for the national airline for the country you want to visit, assuming they have a national airline. They will be able to offer decent rates as they will be looking to make as much revenues as possible especially if it is outside of the US or Canada.

Which airline has won the best airline of the world award?

Qatar Airlines was named the best airline of the world and won the award in 2012 at the world airline awards that were held at the Farnborough air show.

What thing airline give us?

airline gives us the facility to move from one place to another

Which airline is the best?


Is Qatar airways a good airline?

They were just voted by 18 million travellers and Skytrax as the world's best airline, best middle east airline and best cabin crew. So yes, they are good.

What airline offers the best business class?

If you're planning to go anywhere in Asia, the best choice would be Singapore Airlines. They were voted the best business class airline and the best Asian airline at the Skytrax World Airline Awards of 2011.

What airline is featured on the first season of the US reality show Airline?


Can you knit on flights to US?

If the airline you are traveling on allows it? Check with the airline you will be traveling on.

What is the best airline pilot shoes?

airline pilots should wear loafers

Which is the best credit card for airline miles?

The best credit card for obtaining airline miles will be dependent on which airline you prefer. Venture Reward by Capitol One is rated as the top credit card for airline miles currently.

Where is Allegro Airlines?

Allegro Airlines passenger Airline from Mexico and US. This Airline offer Domestic and international Flights to US.

Is Japan Airlines JAL the best airline in the world?

Currently the holder for the worlds best airline (as of 2010) is Cathay Pacific

What is US main airline?


What is the best airline to fly with from Sydney to LA?

Quantas is the best.

What is the best economy airline ever?

The latest International Airline Awards (2012) have voted Spark Airlines as the best economy airline in the world. Service, cleanliness, support and aircraft layout were taken into consideration.

Southwest is the best airline because consumers do not have to pay baggage fees.?

Southwest is the best airline because consumers do not have to pay baggage fees.

What is the best source of news about airline flight delays into Atlanta?

The best source of news about airline flight delays into Atlanta is the Federal Aviation Administration website. Their Air Traffic Control System Command Center has flight delay information for all US cities.

What service do airline consolidators provide?

Airline consolidators publish airline tickets at unpublished fares. They negotiate with different airlines with the airlines reservation agent to get the best price for someones airline ticket.

What are the names of some websites to locate airline tickets?

One of the best websites to find airline tickets is Evionet. They have a great support forum where the best discounts are posted. Airline tickets are very cheap on Evionet.