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There is no answer for the best guitar. The better question could be, is the guitar's sound good enough for the type of music you like and you want to produce. A splendid performance of guitar playing is much more important.

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What is the best semi acoustic guitar for under 350 pounds I'm looking for sound and reliability?

Get the epiphone dot, its the bees knees

What is the best type of acoustic guitar that is under 200?

my opinion is the epiphone aj-100. very solid guitar for the money.

What is the best semi acoustic guitar under 250 pounds?

You won't get a good e-guitar for less than £250. I think you should set your budget at at least £250 and maybe aim for an epiphone, takamine etc.

What is the best quality brand acoustic guitar?

There really is no "best" acoustic guitar, but Taylors, Martins, and Gibsons seem to be of the highest quality generally.

What is the Best acoustic guitar for 600.00?

The best acoustic guitar in that price range is Yamaha because it has a lot of volume and clarity compared to the guitars in that price range.

Who are the best acoustic guitar players?

Don McLean is an outstanding acoustic guitar player although he's more known as a vocalist.

What is the best kind guitar to play?

in my opinion is that the best kind of guitar is the acoustic or electric guitar. classical is great too!

Who makes the best acoustic guitar case?


Where is the acoustic guitar played?

Any guitar without electronic pickups and with a hollow body is considered to be an 'acoustic guitar' Acoustic guitars are best played into a microphone, or played where they can be heard in terms of location. Otherwise Acoustic guitars may be played anywhere.

What is the best Acoustic Guitar in the world?

A Talyor or Cf Martin

What's the quality like for a Yamaha acoustic guitar?

Yamaha acoustic guitars are some of the best available.

Is a classical guitar better than acoustic guitar for a beginner?

The classical guitar is best bacause guitarists are most familiar with it.

What is the best acoustic guitar for 300 dollars and under?

If you can find a used Seagull S6 Cedar top for under that it is a decent starting guitar. But if you're serious then you'll want to start in the $500 range for the good stuff.

Best songs to play on acoustic guitar?

you need me by ed sheeran

What strings are used ona acostic guitar?

Nylon Or steel are best for acoustic but i would recommend having nylon strings on classical guitar rather than acoustic.

Which guitar is best for an Oasis sound?

Any Semi-Acoustic Hollowbody Guitar will do. Stratocasters fit as well.

Which guitar is good electro acoustic guitar or acoustic guitar?

Martin are probably the best acoustic brand of guitar, although, they do cost between $4,500-$10,000. If you are just starting out, or have been playing for a year or so, I would recommend a Yamaha. They aren't the best, but they are good guitars for their price. I agree and would also recommend a Takamine or even a Fender.

Is a acoustic guitar the easiest to play?

No, but it's best to play acoustic then move onto electric, because if you learn electric first, then transition to acoustic your fingers will be used to electric guitar strings and won't be tough enough to play chords well on an acoustic.

Who are the best acoustic experts?

Acoustic experts can be ceilings, sound paneling, or a guitar player. In all groups it depends on the area who would be considered to be the best.

Is it better to start with an acoustic guitar or an electric?

By far acoustic or classic are best for beginners because you can get a better feel with the instrument.

What are good acoustic guitars?

I think Yamaha FG730S guitar is the best for nowadays.

What are the easiest steel acoustic guitar strings and have the best sound?

alexir are nice

Best acoustic guitar brand?

Dean guitars, if you have the money. If not, go with a Fender

What are the Best quality and sounding brand 6 string acoustic guitars for under 250.00?

you wont get a completely fabulous guitar for under $250, but i would recomend that you try ibanez guitars.

What guitar is best to start with acoustic or electric?

Personally, I think starting with Acoustic is better. You might even decide to do classical or spanish guitar, or move onto electric, but really, I think that if you can play Acoustic, you can play any style of guitar music. Hope this helps, please recommend :)

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