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What is the best acoustic guitar in the 200-500 price range?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-13 18:51:17

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I have a Tanglewood TW170-AS-CE and its beautiful would cost around £269 (bp) so its way in your price range. Ive recently bought a Simon & patric for £599 it sounded good in the shop but when i got it home and compared it it was nowhere near as good as the tanglewood so i sold it after just buying it.

or you can buy Canadian,a Norman or seagull are great Guitars for the money

2011-09-13 18:51:17
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What is the Best acoustic guitar for 600.00?

The best acoustic guitar in that price range is Yamaha because it has a lot of volume and clarity compared to the guitars in that price range.

How much is an alvarez silver anniversary acoustic?

The price of an Alvarez Silver Anniversary Acoustic Guitar will vary depending on the condition of the item. On average, the price can range anywhere from $250.00 to $600.00,

What is the material to use guitar?

Depends on the style of guitar for example acoustic guitars will have a completely different material to a les Paul the material depends on the guitar and also the quality of the guitar such as a mid range price tag such as epiphone may be ebony..

What is a better acoustic guitar washburn d10s or seagull s6?

Why not try both and see which one feels best for you? Both get good marks as quality buys in their price range.

Can you use light guitar strings on an electric acoustic?

Yes. Guitar Strings generally range from extra light to heavy, but the sizes can vary depending on the company that's issuing them. However, the strings that are designated for an acoustic guitar differ from the strings that are designated for an electric, as the strings on an acoustic are much thicker. Cheers!

Who much dose a Acoustic Guitar cost?

Well, you can buy an acoustic guitar for around $90 - but you'll regret it. Still, right now is an excellent time for buying an acoustic guitar. The two magic ingredients of "high quality" and "low price", are still fairly far apart, but they have never been closer than they are now. You can get a basic Seagull acoustic guitar - a really nice instrument - for less than $400, usually. You can buy other nice instruments from Washburn and Takimine, for little more than that. The truly wonderful instruments, however, still run into the four figure range.

How much an average guitar costs?

Depends if you're after an electric or acoustic. Also depends on your price range. You can buy very cheap guitars that are for beginners and people who can't afford the good ones... An acoustic will cost around £80 - £150, electric would be £150 - £200

What is an electric guitar?

An electric guitar is a non-hollow guitar with its sound amplified through speakers(amplifiers). It can give you much better effects than the Acoustic. They can range from a measly 25 USD to about 10000 USD depending on the range you would like to purchase.

How much does an acoustic guitar costs?

The starting range can be anywhere from $200- $600. High quality, expensive guitars average about $1500. Music and Arts has acoustic guitars starting at $100.

What is the average price range for guitar?

200 to 1000 us dollars.

What is a good price for an electric guitar AND amplifier?

It depends on the guitar and amp, it could fall in a broad range of prices.

What is the price of an altec lansing 417b guitar speaker?

in the $200+ range on eBay

What is the best price range for a second electric guitar?

This is a hard question to answer. There are way too many variables that can determine your price range. It may have to do with your skill level in guitar, the price of your first guitar, the level that you are going to want to play at. What kind of music you want to play? and so on. Sorry, you need to be a little more specific

Who made the Signet brand acoustic guitars?

Signet was a brand used by Selmer on a range of instruments including guitars. According to wikipedia the Signet line finished in 1970. According to Vintage Guitar Price Guide the brand was assigned to acoustic flat tops made in Japan for Magnovox/Ampeg/Selmer from 1972 to 74s

What kind of guitar does Dave Matthew's play?

As per their official website:, he uses: Taylor 914c 6-string acoustic Taylor w65 12-string acoustic WOW, this is a very difficult question due to the fact that Dave Matthews plays many different types of guitars. I can tell you that as far as acoustic guitars go, he seems to be partial to "Martin" guitars. Martins are very high end acoustic guitars, some of the best in the world. It also means that they come with a heavy price tag as well. I was looking at a couple a few months ago, and they can range anywhere from $900 dollars to over $30,000 dollars (and anywhere in between) depending on what they are made out of. I've seen Dave play: Martin Steel 12-String Acoustic Guitar Martin Steel 6-String Acoustic Guitar Taylor 6-String (and 12 string) Acoustic Guitar Yamaha Country Jumbo 6 String Guitar Gibson 6-string SST Solid Body Acoustic Guitar Lakewood Acoustic Guitar And a "Veillette" 12-String Guitar too. All fantastic guitars to say the least. ---------------------------------------------------- he also used a Martin D-18 guitar on on his albem Remember Two Things which i got to use when i recorded in the same studio as him mgereaux --------------------------------------------------------------------

What kind of guitar does Demi Lovato have?

Demi uses the brand Gibson. It matters if your asking of electric or acoustic. The electric guitar that she uses which is black on black, standard SG Gibson. You can easily find it on guitar center or musicians friend. It goes for about $1000-$1200. The acoustic guitar that she uses is also a Gibson. It is a J-185 Acoustic-Electric guitar. That goes for $2300-2600. She is famous so she can use costly guitars. But if you want the Demi feel you can purchase an Epiphone, it's made by Gibson and has the same design. They have hummingbirds, John Lennons, and doves (if you dont know those are Gibson classics that go for 1000s of dollars, so if you dont feel like the guitar Demi uses are in your price range go for that brand.

Why is the D string of my acoustic sound so loud when you plug it into an amp?

Probably because the tone settings on your amp or guitar are boosting that frequency range.

What is a reasonable price for an electric guitar?

i think anthing from €320 - €600. There is a wide range of guitars you can get between this price range. if u are actually going to spend money within this price range u should get an ESP, EPIPHONE, or a YAMAHA.

What is the average price of a Washburn guitar?

Washburn guitars have a wide price range due to the many different models they make. The most popular would be a six string guitar (but a 4 string bass is avilable) and the average price for an electric guitar is around $1000

What are the pros and cons of acoustic guitars?

Acoustic guitars are good if you like to play without being plugged in inside a building somewhere there are some songs that just sound better out of an acoustic guitar, not to mention most girls dig acoustic The bulky size of an acoustic is not always a good thing but u can always get thin acoustics like an ovation. =========== Acoustic is great for songwriting, because it doesn't require much equipment. The act of setting up an electric guitar -- cables, amps, needing electricity -- can hinder the creative process. And you can bring an acoustic guitar anywhere, power or no power. Acoustic guitars have a limited emotional range, though. Electric guitars can sound full and textured even when you play just one or two strings. And when you play an acoustic guitar, everything you play will have some folk flavour or other, but electrics are much more versatile.

What are lyrics to a good acoustic song?

Acoustic refers to a form of music in which electronic amplification is not employed, ofter referring to guitar. Many artists across a broad range of music style have recorded acoustic versions of their music. A good example of the lyrics can be heard on any Simon & Garfunkle song.

What is the best acoustic guitar for 300 dollars and under?

If you can find a used Seagull S6 Cedar top for under that it is a decent starting guitar. But if you're serious then you'll want to start in the $500 range for the good stuff.

What is good acoustic bass guitar for an intermediate player within the price range of 100 to 300 pounds?

On the low end, Rogue makes a pretty good acoustic bass. They dont have a lot of voice, and the electronics suck, but they usually have pretty good action and a decent fretboard... a good enough instrument for practicing on anyway. I have one I use for camping & such. On the upper end of your scale you may be able to find a Washburn or Fender acoustic bass. Both make quality instruments with a good sound & good hardware. However, I suspect that you may have to look for a used one in order to stay within your price range.

What is the year for the Gibson guitar with serial number A800593 and what is it worth?

Based on the serial number, your guitar (I'm guessing an acoustic) was built in 1973, 1974 or 1975. Selling price varies quite a bit for acoustics in these years based on model and condition and I have seen them range from $800-$3000. If you had more information on the model and condition, it could be much better determined.

How much is a Yahama bass guitar?

There are many varieties of the Yahama bass guitar that are available in music stores across the country. Their prices depend on the quality you are looking for. For someone who is just starting to play a bass guitar you can pick one relatively cheap in the price range of $180. For the advanced player you can purchase one in the price range of $2000 and up.