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Q: What is the best action on a electric guitar under 300 dollars?
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Who makes the best electric guitar for under a hundred dollars?

I know this isn't a real answer but to be honest, it would be an INCREDIBLE terrible guitar. Better to save up for a good one.

Can you play electric guitar under water?

No you will get shocked.

What is best seagull electric guitar under 600?


What is the best electric guitar for under 800?

You can get cheaper Gibson guitars for under $800, and they will always appreciate in value.

What is the best electric guitar under 450 for a good guitar player?

the wesley dominator. it will be on the wesley guitars website at the end of April

What is the difference between an electric guitar and a acoustic guitar?

An electric guitar uses magnetic pickups under the strings to amplify the vibrations of the strings and deliver the sound through an electronic amplifier. An acoustic guitar uses a hollow body chamber under the strings to resonate the sound without the use of magnetic pickups or an external amplifier.

What does the electric guitar have to do with electricity?

The electric guitar is connected to an amplifier, which is then connected to the mains electricity. On the Electric Guitar there are objects under the strings called pickups. These sense sound waves from the strings vibrating, and then send it down the lead to the amplifier. The amplifier then converts these signals into sound, which is reproduced through the speaker.

What is acousting guitar?

An Acoustic guitar is a guitar that has no electrical componants. They are hollow, and have a sound hole under the strings to amplify the sound. If an electronic pickup is added to an acoustic guitar, it becomes an Electric/Acoustic. Electric guitars are solid body, have no sound hole, and rely 100% on the pickups for amplification.

What is the best acoustic guitar for 300 dollars and under?

If you can find a used Seagull S6 Cedar top for under that it is a decent starting guitar. But if you're serious then you'll want to start in the $500 range for the good stuff.

Where can you find a paintball gun under 50 dallers? or local shops, under 50 dollars will probably be a pump-action gin

What is the construction of an electric guitar?

Basically, there are pick-ups directly under the strings that are essentially "microphones" and they amplify the sound given off by the strings.

What is the best electric guitar for under 300?

Tough one. But if you don't mind the wood, I think Schecter builds a nice one for cheap.

What guitar should a beginner start with?

It depends on weather you would like to play acoustic guitar (a fatter looking guitar in mainly natural color) or electric (a thin body guitar that plugs into an amplifier) In either case a company called Epiphone makes goods acoustic and electric guitars that can be very cheap but can sound very good. If you are going to buy your first guitar from them I would suggest for an electric guitar to but an epiphone les paul and all epiphone acoustic guitars are of decent quality over the price of $200 dollars. Beware of cheap guitars. The cheap guitars can be detected if it doesn't stay tuned easily (changes how its sounds) within a day or two. Another sign of a bad guitar is if the neck is bent any more than a little at the top and bottom. ALWAYS BUY EXTRA STRINGS AND GUITAR PICKS make sure also to have the salesperson show you how to tune and re-tune the guitar. SO BUY EPIPHONE or Laguna as they are another reliable company that prices under $300 dollars. Good luck with your playing

What kind of guitar should you buy on a budget?

It really depends on what kind of guitar you want, and what your budget is like. I just purchased an acoustic/electric Ovation celebrity for only two hundred dollars at a pawn shop. If your looking for around a 300 dollar guitar in my opinion ovation is hard to beat. As for electrics, I recently played an Ibanez that was about the 200- 300 dollar range that played nicely, also Schecter makes very nice affordable guitars. I wouldn't recommend purchasing an electric for under 100$

How mush do electric guitars cost?

electric guitars come in all prices. they start at about 100$ for a new one. you could probably get a really chep one for under that. a decent guitar will cost from 400$ to 1000$ a really nice, high quality guitar will cost more than that. the most is usually about $4000. the most a guitar was sold for was about 1,000,000$.

Good electric guitar under 500?

I bought a Squire (Fender's entry brand) Stratocaster and a Line-6 amp for about $250 and am very happy with them.

What is the difference between electric guitar and acoustic guitar?

There are many differences:an electric guitar can be plugged into an amp, while an acoustic guitar can't.An acoustic guitar has a completely different sound (acoustic is usually used for country and western music, while electric used for music like rock and metal)acoustic guitars are always hollow with a is hole right under the strings. While electric guitars can be hollow so that they weigh less, they never have a hole under the strings.the sound of an electric guitar comes from the amp and can be changed and rearranged to be more base like, louder, softer, ext. while the sound of an acoustic comes from the guitar itself as the sound echoes through the acoustic guitar is much more portable because it is lighter and doesn't need a heavy amp to produce sound.acoustic guitars good for beginners because they are generally cheaper and easier to playAcoustic guitars have a bigger body than an electric.electric guitars have a longer neck so that you can hit higher notesthe body of an acoustic is generally made of wood while an electric body is made of (I'm actually not sure what an electric body is made of, improve this answer if you know)Also, if you want an acoustic sound while also being able to make it louder, you can attach a pick-up to it to make an electric-acoustic guitar or you can just buy an electric-acoustic guitar from the start.

Is a guitar a woodwind?

No, a guitar is classified under stringed instruments.

Which is the Best electro acoustic guitar for 200?

I am currently waiting for my acoustic electric and I am getting an Ibanez V70ce. It is priced for $200 dollars but guitar center has a price match guarantee and I found it online from dave phillips music store for $172. I brought it in and got it for that price. I didn't get it yet so I don't know how my opinion will change about it but I did play it in store and I loved the sound and feel of it. the advantages are that it has a thin neck like an electric guitar. It also is cutaway and has a pick plate and with Ibanez's Lifetime warranty you can't beat it. There are few acoustic electric guitars for under $200 and the ones that are do not have these features so in my opinion this is the best $200 guitar currently on the market.

Can you play and electric acoustic guitar without an Amp?

Yes you can play any type of guitar without an Amp the amp only amplifies the sound or makes it louder. In the case of an electro-acoustic (an acoustic guitar with a piezo pickup under the bridge) the instrument should sound like any other acoustic guitar unplugged.

Is electrolysis a slow chemical change of iron reacting with water and oxygen?

Electrolysys is a process of decomposition under the action of a direct electric current.

Is electrolysis a slow chemical change of iron reacting with oxygen and water?

Electrolysys is a process of decomposition under the action of a direct electric current.

What is the best electric guitar for under 800.00?

try the gibson les paul 60's tribute with p-90 pickups for about 650 or the fender jaguar for about 750

What is the most versitile electric guitar to own?

I found its my hands and fingers that made a guitar very versatile , get a guitar processor and you'll be fine. Going from Fender Tweed sounds to death metal , all for under 100$ american. It's like a very intelligent guitar pedal. Line 6 pod 2.0 or higher I recommend.

Is acoustic guitar different from electric guitar?

Normally a guitar is considered 'acoustic' if it requires no amplification ie you don't have to plug it in to anything to be heard. This means its body is hollow which allows the sound to reverberate when the strings are struck. An obvious example is a classical guitar. An 'electric' guitar usually has a solid body and to be heard properly, needs to be plugged into an amplifier. With an electric guitar it's the pickups under the strings that capture the string vibrations, turn them into electrical signal which then get amplified to produce the sound. Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster are examples of electric guitars. There are hybrids though: electro-acoustic guitars look like normal acoustic guitars but thay can also be plugged into an amplifier to produce a louder sound. With these, the sound is produced by the hollow body and by a special pickup (piezo) - typically located in the bridge (where the strings are anchored to the guitar's body)