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What is the best astringent to use for acne?

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Biomedic or La Roche Posay acne products.

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How do you cure acne on the face?

You use products such as astringent,proactive etc. and clean every night

What is the best way to cure back acne?

Get someone (or you can try to do it) to rub your back with an astringent every night. Also, you can wash your back with a soap specified for acne in the shower. Because the skin on your back is tougher then on your face, do not use a moisturizer.

What acne cream works best for skin?

well i will use acne free

How do you clear acne while in your first trimester of pregnancy?

Try witch hazel, its like a natural astringent.

What are some treatments for acne vulgaris?

Acne Vulgaris or more commonly known as Acne has a variety of treatment options. Some include an astringent which is used to deep clean skin as well as moisturizing face washes.

When to use astringent?

use twice daily.

What are the best acne treatments for extreme outbreaks of acne?

One of the best treatmens for extreme outbreaks of acne is to use a medicated cream from a dermatologist. If one is unable to obtain a medicated cream, then one can use over the counter acne treatments that are for extreme outbreaks.

If you have a acne free face and you use acne products will it prevent?

If you have acne free skin you should not use acne products to prevent it. This may not cause acne but may cause rashes or other skin problems. But if you had acne and by using acne products you got acne free skin, in that case you need to use acne products to maintain your condition. This will definitely help to prevent zits. However the recommended usage of product would be lower than what you used to use with acne condition. The best guide would be a dermatologist or an expert's advice. I have listed a useful resource for you.

What is the best product for treating acne?

PRO-ACTIVE SUX USE OXY Dermatologist-grade Acne light therapy device

Can you use calmoseptine for acne?

Yes, you can. Some people who use it say it works great for them. It is always best to consult with your doctor to use what is best for you.

What is the best brand to use for acne face wash?

Some of the best face acne washes on the market include: Zenmed Derma Clense Acne Gel, DDF Sulphur Therapeutic Mask and Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque.

How is astringent used in a sentence?


Are limes good for removing acne?

The citrus acid in them is very beneficial, but personally I prefer lemons. Limes or lemons have antiseptic properties but they can be a harsh astringent for your face. I would suggest you use aloe vera for removing acne. If you have a plant at home you can break the long leaf, squeeze out the juice and apply it directly to your face.

Why do teenagers use pimple cream?

teenagers tend to take care of their personality and having acne is not the best thing in that case they use pimple cream to remove or prevent acne.

What foundation is the best to hide acne?

There are many foundations with different companies that are good to hid acne. One of the best shown on the internet is Clinique - Acne Scars Foundation. Clinique Acne Scars Foundation hides acne and acne scars.

What is the best way to stop acne from face any food medication or something?

The best way to stop acne from appearing on your face is with a prescription medication. Your doctor will have to prescribe you the medication, which is available in both cream and pill form. There is not food that you can use on acne to stop it.

Can lincomycin use for acne treatment?

yes it can be use for acne because this is antibiotic

What is the best facial scrub for acne prone skin?

apricot is the best, and its mild so you can use it every day

What is duac topical gel use for?

Acne Acne

Can salt get rid of acne?

no, use an acne cream

What is the best product against acne?

It is hard to say what is the best product for acne because there are many acne and skin types out there. Each individual has to find the product that will reduce the type of acne he or she has.Most of the people use topical acne treatments such as acne creams and acne masks.Some of the most effective are:- Differin- Proactive- Progesterone- Retinol- ...But for people with sever acne usually topical treatment is not enough and if you are one of them then you should consult your doctor to prescribe you some medical treatment (pills or medicaments).

Is Oxy the best acne treatment?

Oxy is the best acne treatment to use in my opinion. Not for me, it mad my acne worse, i had acne all over my face, instead of zits/pimples. but really,its just your type of skin. Consider your skin type when buying a product,coz it depends on your skin type if it works or not. (learned that the hard way!)

What body acne treatment has been rated the best?

Exposed Skin Care has been rated the best body acne treatment for year 2013. The key to finding the best products for treating acne is to know what ingredients are use, how well the product works for others, and if the company provides a money back guarantee.

How do i use acne in a sentence?

I'm going to try a new medicine for my acne problem. You have acne.

Has anyone gotten rid of their acne and how did you?

I have not gotten rid of my acne yet (argh!), but my friend also has it. She used Clean & Clear, and she said it cleared her acne right up! I'm using Oxy...let me tell you-NOT THE BEST ACNE TREATMENT! It didn't help. So I'm gonna do Clean & Clear, it's a kit. Well, happy acne zipping! * The first step you use is the Acne Control cleanser. * After that use the acne control moisturizer. * And if you have a couple of zits on your face then you the spot treatment. * When you first start to use the product, use it once a day, then change to twice a day.