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Aspen snake bedding is the best bedding for any kind of ball python, do not get sand, it will kill them.

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Q: What is the best bedding for ball python?
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What can you use as ball python bedding?

wood chips

Can you use shredded paper for ball python bedding?

No - it retains too much moisture, and will rot.

Is it called a bull python or ball python?

Ball Python

What is a white ball python called?

A white ball python could be any of the white pythons. Those are the Blue-Eyed Leucistic Ball Python, Ivory Ball Python, Hypo Ivory Ball Python and the Piebald Ball Python.

Is pine bedding bad for ball python?

Yes, ball pythons require a moist and humid enclosure. Pine absorbs the moisture and this can increase the chances of your ball python getting a respiratory infection and having a retained shed. Retained shed is where the snake does not shed all of their skin. This can lead to moth rot, tip of the tail falling off, eye caps and much much more. Cyprus Mulch, cellsorb and newspaper are the best beddings for a ball python.

What temperature is best for a ball python?

82 to 90 Fahrenheit

How do you attract a ball python?

what atracts a ball python

How many species of ball python are there?

None. Ball python is the species. There are currently no recognized subspecies of ball python, either.

Is the ball python same with other python?

The ball python is only one type of Python. As I don't know which other type of python you're asking me to compare the ball python with I can't really answer your question...

Is it good if you bathe a ball python?

You shouldn't bathe your ball python, so no.

Ball python is it legal to own a ball python in the state of Minnesota?


What is a ball snake?

You may be refering to the term "Ball Snake" which is a popular term for a Python Regius (Royal Python) also known as a "Ball Python".

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