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consumersearch.com/lcd-tv offers reviews of many LCD TVs. The best option depends on what you are looking for in a TV. Size, amount of use and what you watch on TV can all lead you in different directions when picking a TV.

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What is the best big screen LCD TV?

I think Sony is the best big screen LCD TV out there in the market. They have many large screens with great picture quality and the product lasts a long time.

What should I worry about in Big LCD screen televisions?

LCD has ghosting that appears with a trail following after the moving object,and LCD TV's are typically more expensive for a lower quality picture in a big screen TV.

How big is the screen on the Sony NWZA728 Video Walkman?

Sony NWZA728 has a 2.4" LCD screen measured diagonally

How big is the screen on the Kodak Easyshare camera?

The Kodak Easyshare camera has a 2.4" LCD color display screen.

Where can I get a cheap flat panel lcd tv?

You can get a good quality 27' inch flat screen television for a great price if you purchase one that is not from a big company. The website tigerdirect.com has a huge selection of inexpensive flat screen televisions.

What do they call a flat screen TV?

They call a flat screen television a "big screen tv". That is the slang term. The scientific term for it is LCD flat-screen television. YOUR WELCOME!

Where can I find good big screen TV deals?

There are several different types of big screen TVs available on the market now. Plasma, LCD, LED and even still the CRTs. The best deals could be found in the newspaper ads and from word of mouth.

What is the best brand of big screen tv?

There are several good choices in big-screen tv's on the market. Mitsubishi WD, Panasonic Viera, Sony Bravia, Samsung, and Vizio all offer big screens with qualities to please everyone. Shop around and research before you buy. which is best buy lcd,led,plasma 60ins and above not a gamer

What is the most popular big screen TV on the market today?

Samsung and Sony make the most popular big screen TV on the market today. If you care looking for a big LCD tv then you will find that Vizio is very populat. For a more traditional big screen Mitsubishi is a very big name.

How big are the screen choices for a Sony LCD Television?

Sony is one of the most reliable name in TV industry.Sony makes a wide varity of LCD televisions.These televisions come in different screen sizes which ranges from 22" to 60".

What size LCD TV screen is best for a room that is 22 by 14?

In my experience, I always buy the biggest display with the best quality picture that I can currently afford. No one will ever say a TV is too big.

What is a major brand of big screen TV?

One major brand of big screen TV would be Sony. They have a reputation of producing quality products and their TVs are not an exception. They offer you the choice of LED or LCD.

My TV has a yellow tinted screen?

his depends on what type of monitor you are using. If it is a CRT (the big long old one) or a LCD (newer flat screen). If it is a CRT, then the monitor is going bad, and you need to replace it. If it is an LCD, then it is probably just a color setting.

What is better for video games plasma or lcd?

Probably an LCD because I know a friend that has a big plasma and I have an LCD The LCD has better graphics and the plasma is a little blurry. If you have a big screen then it sucks for a ps2 but works really good with Xbox 360 and PS3, I'm not sure about just the normal Xbox though. also you can view a plasma at an angle and the picture is still there. if you get at an angle on an lcd the picture will blur out.

Where can one buy a LCD tv 46 inch?

One can purchase a 46 inch LCD TV from the following sources: Argos, Amazon, Best Buy, Samsung, eBay, Currys, PC World, Sony LCD Sale Cheap, Tesco, Big W, Tiger Direct, Hot UK Deals, to name a few.

How big is the screen on the iPhone 5?

The Apple iPhone 5 smartphone has a 1136 x 640 pixel 4 inch Retina LCD display.which is 8.1% larger than the average for all Smartphones. really big screen

What is best for a car DVD wide screen or full screen?

Full screen... Kids like to watch movies on a big screen.

Are LCD projector TVs obsolete?

No, LCD projector TVs are increasing in popularity as they are a way to produce a big screen television picture which can now be seen in high definition. The only downsides to projectors are the high prices.

What national big box retailer is currently offering the best deals on mid sized LCD TV's?

Overstock.com seems to be the best retailer for offering the best deals on mid sized LCD tv's. I found a Vizio 32in LCD tv for the price of $299.99 it is refurbished but that is a great deal.

Is a flat panel television better than a big screen?

A flat panel television and a big screen television are not necessarily mutually exclusive. You can have a flat panel big screen television, which is the best television of all.

Where can one purchase a big screen TV?

There are many places a person could buy a big screen TV offline and online. Offline a person could buy from Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Sears. Online, a person could buy from Amazon, Overstock, TigerDirect, and Dell.

What is best picture quality big screen tv?

The best, and highest, HDTV quality is 1080p

What is a big screen?

A big screen is a screen upon which movies are projected.

Why should someone buy a plasma TV and not a LCD TV?

There are several reasons why you would want to buy a plasma over an LCD. If you're trying not to break the bank, a big screen plasma is going to run you around a thousand dollars less than a big screen LCD. Now if you're looking for anything under 42 inches you're going to have a hard time buying a plasma at all. As far as quality, to a discerning eye, the picture in an LCD might be better than a plasma, but I think the plasma's outputting a 1080p signal look pretty good next to an LCD. Plasma's use two glass screens with the gas sandwiched between them, so you'll get glare from other light sources. So if you have lots of lamps or lots of windows with no shades, LCD might be the better way to go. The black levels on a plasma are going to be better than on an LCD, because instead of blocking the back light to get the color black like on an LCD, plasma's simply cut the power to the area of the screen that's showing black, so you get a much truer black. I think the color levels in general look more true to life on a plasma than an LCD. And if you're thinking about a plasma at all, look at Panasonic, they make the best plasmas on the market. Plasmas have a reputation for screen burn in, but almost all the manufacturers include pixel shifting technology in plasmas these days, so they're no more prone to get screen burn in than an LCD is.

Do you need 1080p for a 37 lcd inch screen?

Buy LCD TV at http://watchliveauctions.com/lcd_tv No matter what anyone tells you, the human eye can only detect between 720 and 1080 on a 37" screen if you sit closer than about 6 feet from your TV. 1080 is needed for BIG TVs to really get the full advantage of 1080.

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