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Q: What is the best bike for doing wheelies?
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What is the best motor bike for wheelies?

GSXR 750

What tips can one use to successfully pull dirt bike wheelies?


Can an rm80 wheelie or is the engine too weak?

yes. my little brothers 96 RM80 does wheelies. I can get 4th gear wheelies on that little bike no problem. If you get a minibke rated turbocharger .

How do you use acro bike on emerald?

First of all get the bike from mauvile cities bike shop second choose it in the bag and ride it now your on the bike the cool thing about this bike is you can do: wheelies, jumps and bunny hops.

Who created barnehurst golf course Bmx track?

terry at wheelies bike shop Northumberland heath

Is the red line device bike the best bike in the world?

this depends on what sport you are doing.

Where is a good place to ride a pocket bike?

a flat surface like private property that is paved. that's if you like to do wheelies and trickes.

What goped wheelies the best?

all of them wheelie it depends if you can keep balance

What is the best wheelie bike?

Pedal bike, definitaly a full suspension with a 24 in. rear wheel the small wheel makes it eaiser to get the front end up Dirtbike, I'd go with a four stroke because of the power control. I have a Honda TLR 200 and it Wheelies as long as you want

What is the best mountain bike?

Well i like the specialized demo bike if you are doing downhill riding or trek fuel ex for other stuff

Can cars really do wheelies?

yeah cars can really do wheelies,Vin diesel in fast and furious.

How do you get the bike in Ruby?

To get the bike in Ruby, Sapphire, or Emarald, just go to the bike shop in Mauvile city, which is to the right of the Pokemon center in Mauvile city. Talk to the guy on the left he will give you two choices, a Mach bike(goes faster but is harder to control) and an acro bike(goes slower, but can do wheelies, bunny hops, and can go across metal beams. Choose which bike you want and he'll give it to you.