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I found a site that list the top 5 cell phones , so I would tell you to check this site out reviews.cnet.com/best-cell-phones . Or here is another site that list the best cell phones towww.brighthand.com/price it also includes the prices for the cell phones which is great.

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Which is the best HTC smartphone in the market?

HTC One (M8) is the best HTC Smartphone in the market.

Which smartphone is the best in the world?

That is a very hard question. I think the best smartphone in the world is Iphone 4s.

Which smartphone is the best?

It simply depends on your use but one thing which is for sure that iphone is more the best smartphone, Every smartphone based on Android is better than iphone. According to the official list HTC Desire is considered the best smartphone of current market and i love it.

Can a gps charger cord be used to charge a smart phone?

Depends on the brand and model of the GPS, and the brand and model of the smartphone.

What is the best reviewed smartphone at the best price?

The best reviewed smartphone would be the iPhone. The Droid Galaxy has both great features and a great price.

Is Huawei a smartphone?

Yes, Huawei is a smartphone. It includes additional features. You can see at "Freshpikk".

What is the difference between a iPhone and a smartphone?

A smartphone is a term that means it can have apps or do stuff that your average phone cannot do. An Iphone is just the best smartphone (my opinion)

What is the best top rated cell phone, smartphone or otherwise?

The best top rated cell phone, smartphone or otherwise, at the moment, is the newest HTC One smartphone according to several review sites on the internet.

What is the best smartphone for someone who has never had one?

Android is usually the best smartphone for a new user. Android phones have a very easy to learn system.

Which brands sell the best smartphones?

Currently, the most popular brand of smartphone is Apple. The iPhone is highly coveted and has a good reputation. Other good brands are HTC or Android.

What is the cost of a smartphone and what features does it have?

A smartphone offers full internet access and is basically a handheld computer. Prices vary by provider and can range from free to $200 or more depending on the brand.

Which smartphone is the best for personal use?

The best smartphone that is best for personal use depends on the person and their needs. Check with your local distributor for details on the functions of the phones and choose the one that best fit your preference.

What is the best smartphone available?

The best way to find out what's best for you is to read reviews. A website like http://reviews.cnet.com/smartphone-reviews will give you good information to make an informed decision.

What is the best smartphone ever?

It is the Samsung Galaxy S4.

What is more popular apple or samsung?

Samsung is the worlds #1 smartphone brand. look it up.

What smartphone should I get?

You should get Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 smartphone that is best for you. It has a polished ceramic texture that gives you a unique and comfortable feeling to your hand. Available at Freshpikk.

What's the best smartphone?

The Apple I phone is the best smartphone for a business. Others like the Blackberry and then there is the new Android. Theses all have great features you can use foe your business.

What is the best android smartphone?

According to me the best Android Powered Smartphones are manufactured by Motorola.

Which is the best brand for a baritone?

The best brand for a baritone is selmer. the best brand is def king or bach

What is the best kickball brand?

the brand "swag" is the best out there

Who makes the best smartphone of 2012 and how much is it?

There are many websites that can help you choose a smartphone. One great website to visit is http://smartphones.findthebest.com/.

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