What is the best c02 airsoft pistol?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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No specific "best".

These questions pop up alot, and the truth is tehre are arguements, but I would go for one of the new ones from the Hicapa series. They cost $90ish in the US and $200plus in Canada.

Don't get a plastic one, it will be bad for sure.

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The "power" itself will be the same with all paintball pistols. The true difference would be the the efficiency, accuracy, and the material. The "power" though, will always be around 270-300 feet per second.

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Q: What is the best c02 airsoft pistol?
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How much propane is in an airsoft gas pistol at one time?

ZERO! you don't use propane you use C02.

Should you use 12g bbs in an airsoft pistol?

depends. c02 pistols NO. use at least .25s. cheap springers yeah. better springers up to 375 fps use .20

What is the best thing to buy with 50 dollars?

a cheap airsoft pistol. its a lot of fun

What is the best airsoft pistol for under 50?

go to evike .com and look at the tsd m9

Is co2 okay for a 357 magnum pistol?

If you are asking about the Crosman C02 pellet pistol then Yes that is what it is designed to power the pistol.

How do you make an airsoft mortar without explosives or c02?

Why would you want to? That sounds lame.

Where do you buy C02 cartridges for marksman repeaters?

The Marksman Repeater doesn't use a C02 Cartridge it a spring operated pistol

Pistol that comes with the mossberg m590 airsoft?

It is called the Mossberg 45 Pistol.

What is the best non C02 pellet pistol on the market?

This would be one of the best " Feinwerkbau P44 Match Air Pistol "It will cost you around $1,850 and an additional support charging system of around $400 to charge it with air.

Who makes a 22 cal CO2 pistol?

Benjamin model EB22. Crosman model 2240. Benjamin Marauder Air or C02 Pistol. All 3 of these are .22 cal C02 air pistols, There are several others but they are spring or pneumatic not C02 systems

What is the best full metal blow back co2 powered air soft pistol?

The best full metal blow back CO2 powered airsoft pistol is the U.S. Army Duty Calls Elite 1911 Full Metal GBB Airsoft Pistol. A close second is the 500 FPS Full Metal M87, Sport 301L.

What is a good electric airsoft pistol?

marui AEP's.