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Q: What is the best car performance chip brand?
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What is the best brand of car alarms and why?

Viper car alarms receive high satisfaction and performance ratings.

What is a Bully Dog Performance Chip?

A Bully Dog performance chip is a product for automobiles. Bully Dog are a company specialising in car and motor parts, and the chip is for gas and diesel performance.

What all are homosexual feelings?

Auto performance chip can really improve car performance

What is the best brand of car speakers?


What is the best American brand car?


What is the brand of car speaker with the best warranty?

Many people swear that Pioneer makes the best brand.

What brand of car wiper is the best?

Michellin brand wipers at Wal-Mart.

Which car brand is better?

Better at what. Be more specific as no brand is the best at everything.

What is the best brand for brakes?

Any name brand you have heard of will do for a typical family owned street legal car. I recommend Duralast for good, reliable, and well balanced brakes that will not break your budget. Performance brands such as Brembo and Hawk can be good alternatives if you love your car and drive a little harder.

What is the best current brand of car wax?

The best brand of car wax is Turtle Wax Carnauba Car Wax T-6. This brand is both affordable and versatile. In addition to giving the car a good shine, it offers protection from pollutants and makes the car water-repellent.

How can you get more horsepower?

cheapest way is cold air intake, after market performance exhaust with xpipe, headers and catback mufflers, new plenum, throttle body, performance chip, performance pulleys, and many more. What kind of car?

Where do you install racing chip on 93 Lexus sc400?

If you have to ask this question, you shouldn't be making performance mods to your car yourself. Take it to a performance shop (a good one, not a cheap shady one) and have them do it.