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It is best to wear really baggy clothes while preforming Parkour.

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Q: What is the best coat for parkour?
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What are the best kid parkour shoes?

So, the best shoes are probably the K-Swiss Parkour Style shoes. You can buy them over the internet for about $60.00 which is considerable if your a serious parkour addict, these are the best bet.

What parkour roll is the best?

The best roll for parkour is rolling over your shoulder with your head tucked in/to the side. You do not want to roll over your head.

What is the best parkour company? that goes for freerunning as well

How do you use parkour in a sentence?

I did parkour yesterday. I am doing parkour today. I will be doing parkour later on today.

What defines parkour?

The definition of parkour is individualistic, practitioners of parkour define parkour in their own way. However, all people can agree parkour is the freedom of movement.

Who made parkour?

David Belle is the founder of parkour, but no one 'made' parkour.

Would rock climbing help train for parkour?

yes of course. rock climbing trains almost everything u will need 2 b good at 4 parkour. it is 1 of the best ways to train 4 parkour, i think.

What are some good parkour shoes?

Each type of shoe will offer certain benefits; softer landings, more ankle support, etc. However, there is no "best" shoe for parkour; parkour is about the movements, and if you can properly do the movements; shoes are not that big of an importance.

Is it possible to learn parkour solely through parkour videos?

I would not rely on just watching parkour videos to learn parkour from. You have to be in tip-top shape to do parkour. You do not want to break anything.

How can start parkour?

Parkour can be start by run.

What is the best but cheap parkour gear?

Pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt.

Is the parkour generations parkour park indoors?