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Stretch marks are hard to get rid of, especially if they have been there for a while. If you are pregnant, rubbing cocoa butter on your stomach each night can prevent intense stretch marks. If you currently have stretch marks, cocoa butter can help, but chances are they will still be visible.

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Q: What is the best cream or lotion for stretch marks?
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What is the best cream to use for dissipating stretch marks?

The best cream for dissipating stretch marks are ones that have cocoa butter or shea butter. The best brand according to reviews is Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream.

How do you get rid of stretch marks on the thigh?

Well, lotion works great for me. Just Aveeno works the best.

How can you remove your pregnancy stretch marks?

Use Mederma which is best stretch mark cream. Apply 3 times in day and remove new as well as old stretch marks.

The best cream for stretch marks?

The cream I heard about is called ElastinX But dont forget it is never permanently removed, not even surgery can do that I was told.

What's the best sun tanning lotion to use on dark skin to cover up stretch marks?

tanning lotionswhy dsnt it work on my legs and it cums off when i lie down I don't know about tanning lotion, but the best thing to use to cover stretch marks and any uneven skin tones is cocoa butter.

What type of stretch mark cream is the best brand to get at a discounted price?

There isn't any good brand for stretch mark creams. Don't any of those creams disappear your stretch marks. Stretch marks are something you get while stretching and gaining weight.

How can you hide stretch marks?

To hid the stretch mark then start using Mederma cream. Purchase Mederma online for treating old as well as new stretch marks within 6 months.

What lotions should be used for streatch marks during pregnancy?

Use Mederma stretch mark cream to get rid form stretch mark during pregnancy. It is best stretch mark removal treatment. Apply one to three times in a day to get rid form stretch marks.

How can you get rid of stretch marks and cellulitte?

There are many creams out there but the best one so far has to be Revitol cream for stretchmarks.We have it there. Check the reviews to.

What stretch mark creams really work?

None. Sorry, but it's true. No cream will remove stretch marks. Stretch marks form in the dermis (the lower layers of skin)... applying creams to your skin (the epidermis) is going to have no effect on your stretch marks, because the creams simply cannot penetrate that far down into your skin to come into contact with the stretch marks.

What is the best product for keeping away stretch marks during pregnancy?

I used Clinique body butter & have no stretch marks

Does Vaseline help fade the apperance of stretch marks?

Vaseline may help a little to fade stretch marks. The best use for Vaseline is to help prevent stretch marks before they form. Keeping skin moisturized is important in preventing stretch marks.

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