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What is the best day to conceive?

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I have heard that if you have sexual intercourse for 10 days straight after your period has ended you boost your chances of falling pregnent.

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When is the best time to have intercourse to conceive?

The day before ovulation and 24 hours later.

When is the best day to try and conceive?

12-15 days before your period is due.

Can you conceive and have a period the next day?

Normally, no, if you conceive you do not get your period.

After a miscarge when is best time to conceive again?

the best time to conceive is NEVER because when you get pregnant, you get AIDS

Which is the best position to conceive a baby?

the best way to conceive is missionary, or the man on top and women laying on her back

When is the best time conceive?

Typically you ovulate around day 14 of your cycle. You should count the first day of your period as day 1. Having intercourse around day 12, 13, 14, 15 are usually your best days to conceive. The egg only lives for 24 hours so ideally there should be sperm waiting for the egg for your best chances. Sperm can live up to 4 or 5 days in your body.

What is the Best Time to Conceive for pregnancy?

i read in a book that the best time to conceive is 2 days before the start of your period.

Can you conceive on day 6 of your cycle?


Can you conceive on day 7 of your cycle?


When is the best time in the month to conceive?

Right after your period is best.

When is The best day of the month to conceive?

It about 7 to 10 day s after the stop of flow. If your on birth control a period of weeks is nessasary to get your system back it proper function

You have been trying to conceive for a year and had a miscarriage in December If you are trying every day of the month or at least every second day then why are you still not falling pregnant?

Unfortunately there is no clear answer to your question hun. Some women try to conceive every day for 14-15 years and then they conceive when they least expect it, while other women have unprotected sex once and conceive that one time. It really is different in everyone and science cant explain this. However its always best to rule out any physical problems which could prevent you from conceiving.

Is it true that the best time to conceive is on a full moon Myth or fact?

Myth The best time to conceive is during ovulation which is not connected to the phase of the moon.

Can you conceive the day you have intercourse?

yes if ur ovulating i

Is it possible to conceive 6 day after your period?


You are 25 weeks and 1 day pregnant what day did you conceive?

16th August 2008.

My Due date is November 17 what day did i conceive?


Can you get pregnant in the last days of your period?

You can conceive on your last day of your bleeding depending on individual rates of fertility. Some people it could take days but some can conceive on that last day.

Can you conceive first day after menstrual cycle?

Menstrual cycle refers to your entire reproductive cycle, so you would always conceive during your menstrual cycle. If you're asking if you can conceive the first day after menstruation then the answer is yes, there may be an egg present that early in your menstrual cycle.

How soon after your period can you conceive?

As soon as you meet towards the 14th day from the your 1st day of period.

Can a woman conceive on her Day 9 of menstrual cycle?

Yes! you can get pregnant on any day of your cycle!

You had intercoures the day of your LH surge is that means that can you conceive a baby boy?

if you have intercourse on the day of lh surge,you might end up conceiving a baby girl.if you want to conceive a baby baby you should have sex on the day of ovulation and not day of lh surge

If your conception day is 3-10-09 what day did you get pregnant?

The day that you conceive is the day you actually become pregnant!

How many days after ovulation can you conceive?

You can usually only conceive up to and the day of ovulation not after. Take a look at this article to find out more hints and tips on trying to conceive.

If your due date is April 7th what day did you conceive on?

July 15th