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There are a lot of different deals out there. Try looking online for for some reviews. Also check out your local mobile retailer and Walmart as they also have a good plan. The companies change prices and deals from time to time so the best thing to do is research everything available.

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Pre-paid cellphone do not have plans. You buy prepaid cards and load them to your pre-paid cellphone. If you are asking what brands of cellphone/cellphone services are best for this type of phone, you can check Virgin Mobile, Cricket and Tracfone. They offer prepaid cellphones.

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Q: What is the best deal for prepaid cell phones?
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What is the best cell phone out there for my usage?

The best cell phone you could get that has a good deal would be a prepaid iPhone, they are quality phones, and you only have to pay for what you want to use each month.

Are prepaid cell phones a good deal for someone who texts a lot?

Generally prepaid cell phones are not good for users that do alot of texting. However, Cricket and Boost mobile both offer prepaid plans that include unlimited texting.

Where do I go to get the best cell phone deals?

If you are looking a good deal on cell phones I would recommend They have both cheap phones and cheap service plans including prepaid cards and recurring payments.

What is the best prepaid phone service deal you have for my cell phone?

There are a lot of prepaid phone services out there that have deals for cell phones. Some are: virginmobileusa, tracfone, t-mobile, alltel, and many others. Here is a site with information:

Where are the best deals for senior phones?

You can find more information about the best deal for senior phones at It should let you know which phone is best.

What is the most paid sport in the us?

If you are looking a good deal on cell phones I would recommend They have both cheap phones and cheap service plans including prepaid cards and recurring payments.

Finding Discount Cell Phones?

Discount cell phones are not as difficult to find as you might think. Not only are there a lot of websites that deal in used cell phones, but there are a lot of brand new cell phone models that aren't all that expensive. This isn't just older phones, either. There are a few prepaid phone companies that have really nice Android phones for sale under their plans. A quick search online will how you how easy it is to find these phones.

What are Verizon's prepaid cell phone rates?

Verizon is a Cell phone company that offers various cell phones and monthly plans. They also offer "Prepaid" Cell phones where instead of paying for a monthly plan you simple pay for whatever mins you use from a package minute deal.

Does Verizon have the best prices on cell phones?

Yes they do and they also have the best cell phones out there. They also have a two year contract and when your contract is almost up they will offer you a bunch of free phones to keep you as a paying customer. It is a great deal because you still get to keep the phones.

What online cell phone stores offer the best and latest line of cell phones?

The best place would be is to look at Amazon for a great deal.

Who Can Get the Most Use out of No Contract Cell Phones?

No contract cell phones (or prepaid phones) are devices that don�t require a contract or cell phone plan to operate. They operate solely on prepaid cards or minutes purchased by the user beforehand. This deal might sound great to practically anyone, but there are actually certain types of people that can get more use out of these plans than others. For example, someone with bad or no credit history would be better off with no contract cell phones. Additionally, someone who does not spend a lot of time talking or texting could get the most use out of them as well.

Are prepaid phone plans worth it?

Prepaid phone plans can be beneficial if someone is just needing a phone for emergencies or limited use. Prepaid phones are also a good teaching method for teens about responsibility, because they have to learn to manage the time they have on their phone.