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Q: What is the best definition of freedmen?
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Which is the definition of freedmen?

Men who were once slaves and are now free.

How did the freedmen view freedom during reconstruction?

what was the role for the freedmen ain reconstruction what was the job for the freedmen in reconstruction governments

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What has the author Susan Treggiari written?

Susan Treggiari has written: 'Roman freedmen during the late Republic' -- subject(s): Freedmen, Freedmen (Roman law), Freedmen in Rome

Why did northern teachers an missionaries went to the south as the war ended?

Help freedmen

What were the laws that limited the rights of freedmen?

law that was limited the rights of freedmen

Why did education mean so much to the freedmen of the South after the US Civil War ended?

Education meant so much to the freedmen because they are having it for the first time. When they were in captivity, they were not taught how to read or write. Because of them going to school, they have a chance. This allows them to communicate and then later get a job. Freedom the the freedmen meant that they could go to school. This is why education meant so much to the freedmen. The Freedmen's Bureau did its best to integrate Freedmen into the US society. Education was one plan to do this, however, often farming, a skill learned in bondage allowed them to work on farmlands without obtaining any formal education.

What is the definition of freedmen's bureau?

It is an agency of the War Department set up in 1865 to assist freed slaves in obtaining relief, land, jobs, fair treatment, and education.

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What did both Quakers and slaveholders supported?

settlement of freedmen in Africa

What established schools for former slaves during Reconstruction?

It was the Freedmen's Bureau.