What is the best driving route from Minneapolis to Tampa?

  1. Take I-94 EAST to I-39/90 SOUTH towards Chicago in Madison.
  2. You are eventually going to continue SOUTH on I-39 towards Bloomington in Illinois. Take I-39 SOUTH to I-74 EAST. Follow Signs.
  3. Take I-74 EAST through Illinois and Indiana to I-275 SOUTH towards KENTUCKY at EXIT 5 in Ohio outside of Cincinnati.
  4. Take I-275 around Cincinnati to I-75 SOUTH at EXIT 84 in northern Kentucky.
  5. Take I-75 SOUTH through Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia to I-275 SOUTH to TAMPA and ST. PETERSBURG at EXIT 274 off I-75 in Florida. On this stretch, bypass Knoxville, Tennessee by taking I-75 SOUTH/640 WEST, Atlanta, Georgia by taking I-285 SOUTH BYPASS (EXIT 259 off I-75 and then EXIT 58 off I-285 to get back onto I-75 SOUTH) and also bypass Macon, Georgia by taking I-475 SOUTH (EXIT 177 off I-75).
  6. Take I-275 SOUTH to Tampa.