What is the best episode of the office?

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In your opinion what episode of Goosebumps is the best?

Well, I can't really limit these episodes to one or two, so I am going to tell you the best twenty Goosebumps episodes starting with number twenty (the least favorite) and working the way down to number one (The most favorite). 20. How I Got My Shrunken Head 19. Night Of The Living Dummy 18. ( Full Answer )

What is the best Naruto episode?

I think its the episode titled "Gotta See Gotta Know...Kakashi Sensei's True Face" I also like the 3rd episode where Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura tried to get Kakashi's bells. Or if your talking about shippuden...Kakashi Gaiden is great! In case you have not figured it out...I Love Kakashi!! ;)

What is the best friends episode?

Probably the last one. But I also like "The One With Monica's Boots", Phoebe was simply hilarious in it, especially with her rendition of "Roxanne." But did you know that over 51.2 million viewers tuned in to see the last episode? Pretty cool, huh? It's ranked among the highest ratings for a season ( Full Answer )

What is the best sopranos episode?

It's a matter of opinion. No definitive answer can be given. Everyone is not going to agree on which one it is. This is a discussion type of question, and this is a question & answer site, not a discussion site.

What is the best southpark episode ever?

The one with all of those Youtube stars like Tron Guy, Chocolate Rain, Dramatic Looking Gopher, Numa Numa Guy, Chris Crocker (Leave Brittney Alone), AND A BUNCH MORE.

What is the best south park episode?

make love not Warcraft is my favorite episode of all time! i say that another good one is the movie if you haven't seen the movie go and buy it. I would have to say my favorites of all time has to either be Fat Butt and Pancake Head, Dead Celebriteies, or Hell on Earth 2006, but every episode has i ( Full Answer )

What is the best Simpsons episode?

Many people have their own opinions, including myself, about which episodes of the simpsons are the best. In my opinion, all episodes are great... but some just take the cake over others, and shine out of all the rest. My personal favourite episodes are those of the mid-seasons, like seaons 6-10. ( Full Answer )

How many episodes per season of The Office?

Season 1: 6 episodes Season 2: 22 episodes Season 3: 25 episodes Season 4: 19 episodes Season 5: 28 episodes Season 6: 26 episodes Season 7: 26 episodes (anticipated, may change)

How long is an episode of 'The Office'?

"The Office" is an NBC sitcom (2005-date), developed from the 14-episode BBC series (2001-2003).. Three different episode lengths appeared during the third season (2006-2007), which along with "missing" scenes and episodes, causes complications for reruns and syndication.. Normal 30-minute episode ( Full Answer )

The fire drill was what episode of the office?

86/87 14/15 " Stress Relief " ‡ Jeffrey Blitz Paul Lieberstein February 1, 2009 516/517 . Dwight stages a fire drill which causes a panic and Stanley has a heart attack. With stress levels high, Michael tries a number of ways to get his employees to relax before discovering that he is the nu ( Full Answer )

What is the best sailor moon episode?

I think episode 10 from the first season is the best because its the last episode with Jadite before queen beryl froze him but it was good to see his last fight with the sailor scouts.

What was the first office episode of season 6?

gossip is the first episode. Michael finds out that Stanley is cheating on his wife teri. he tells everyone in the office but then regrets it and so he tells everyone lies about every person in the office. he says that pam is pregnant which is actually true. everyone tries to find out what the 1 tru ( Full Answer )

What is the best 7th heaven episode?

Depends. But a fan favorite is "In Praise of Women"- S3 in which Annie gives birth to the twins. And who can forget the Pilot episode.

What is the best the hills episode?

This is personal opinion only but i love the classics season one and two, but i love the pilot episode i could watch that one again and agian. And then i love "Keeping Up With Our Joneses" From season 1 where Hank, Peggy, and Bobby all get addicted to cigarettes after Hank catches Bobby smoking and ( Full Answer )

Which is the best Naruto Shippuden episode?

I love kakashi so i liked the episodes were the new and improved naruto and sakura get kakashi's bells. I also liked kakashi gaiden. another great episode is 166. it's so beautiful and sweet and the animation gets really good for this 1 episode hahaa :3 but it depends if u like naruhina or not.. ( Full Answer )

In what episode of the Office does Michael drop a watermelon?

As a matter of fact, there are 2 episodes where he does that. In "Baby Shower" he drops a watermelon that Dwight is pretending to give birth to. In "Safety Training" he drops a watermelon from the roof of the building onto a trampoline.

What is detective Conan best episodes?

It depends on what you like to see. If you enjoy comedy, one of the funniest episodes to see is OVA 1, which features Conan, Kaito KID, and another creation of Gosho Aoyama, Yaiba If you love the whole Conan/ Ran relationship, movie 2 has them... NO SPOILERS! There's over 500 episodes, 10 OV ( Full Answer )

Which x files episode is the best?

Depends on your own taste, really. My favourite season was the first one but my favourite episode is 'D.P.O.' (Season 3)

What is the best anime episode?

In my opinion, the best anime episode so far for naruto would be Naruto Shippuden episode would be 51-52. so far that would be. in these episodes it is where naruto meets sasuke again after 2-3 years of training with jiraya along with sasuke training with orochimaru. so these are 2 episodes, not one ( Full Answer )

Where can you watch new the office episodes?

The Office is on NBC on Thursdays at 9 E /8 C When new episodes are shown, they are on NBC, but if there is no new episode at the time, they show reruns.

What bleach episode is the best?

That is up to you to decide..if i were to answer the question it would be my opinion..not an acctual fact...

What is the best radio bam episode?

Very hard to choose, almost all of the first 20 were really funny, 55, 56, 64, 75, 96, 109-114 all seem to stand out from memory. But I think it's best to listen to them from the start. From 140ish they start getting bad.

What in your opinion is the funniest episode of the office?

Stress Relief. Season 5, Episode 14/15. It's about Stanley suffering a heart attack from Dwight's insane fire drill. A big part of it came from Stanley being stressed. So, Michael decided that it would help Stanley's stress to have a roast of himself (Michael).

Which is the best How I Met Your Mother episode?

There is too many to choose just one but I recommend the pilot, the limo, the wedding, prom night, milk, come on, where were we?, swarley, Atlantic city, single stamina, slap bet, bachelor party, dowisetrepia, spoiler alert, ten sessions, sandcastles in the sand, miracles, Slapsgiving 1 and 2, do i ( Full Answer )

What is the best episode of Smallville?

There are many, but favorites are: Homecoming, Season 10, Episode 4. Red, Season 2, Episode 4. Accelerate, Season 2, Episode 21. Instinct, Season 8, Episode 9. The first season premiere of Season 10. Salvation, Season 9, Episode 22 or 21. (Last episode when Clark is stabbed with the blue krypt ( Full Answer )

What is the best episode of psych?

This is my opinion, but by far my favorite episode is Mr. Yin presents... followed by An Evening with Mr. Yang

What is the best I shouldn't be alive episode?

I really like the one where a man and his dad go on a rafting trip then they get "trapped under the ice", that's the name. And I also like the one with the man and woman in the woods alone, called "into the heart of darkness" Oh and the one where the two boys go alone in a small boat and cant be fou ( Full Answer )

What is the best Dr Who episode?

It's entirely up to your own personal preference- everyone has a different favourite, usually several according to different criteria (i.e. the scariest, the most moving, the most exciting, and so on). No one episode is regarded as the definitive 'best', in addition to which some of the stories run ( Full Answer )

How many episodes of the Office were there?

The nine seasons of the US version of The Office had 6, 22, 25, 19, 28, 26, 26, 24, and 25 episodes, respectively, for a total of 201 episodes. The British version of The Office had two seasons and 15 episodes.