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the best an strongest deck on the market is mgp the style is slamm and jd bug are for safty and portableness

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โˆ™ 2011-10-20 19:45:42
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Q: What is the best extreme scooter make?
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What is the best mgp?

best value team edition best scooter nitro extreme 2nd best team edition

What is the best jd bug to use in a skate park?

The JD bug pro extreme scooter its the best you can get!

What is the best brand of metal cores for a scooter?

the best scooter metal core is called proto slider or proto gripper the best scooter brand over all is phoenix the best scooter bars are called generation y bars the best scooter headset is called pig pro fully sealed the best sooter forks are called inward extreme the best scooter bearings are called bones Swiss ceramics the best scooter clamp is called proto s.c.s. the best scooter grips are called o.d.i. the best scooter brake is called phoenix the best scooter deck is called phoenix

What is the best stunt scooter make?


What is the best scooter make?

CTM 125

What is the best make of scooter?

yamaha aerox!!

Is micro the best scooter brand?

Yes the best scooter is made by micro it's the micro xt scooter.

How much does the Micro Extreme scooter cost?

On Amazon, it costs $269.95.

What are the best razor scooter wheels?

there are much better wheels than razor. razor doesnt make any good scooter products

What is the best scooter company in the world?

the best scooter company is either TSI or RAZOR

Is mgp the best make of scoooter?

Yes exspeicaly the lightness of the scooter and it is a good pro scooter to ride on. Tailwhip dubstep bwa bwa bwa

What is the best push scooter in the world? the best scooter in the world from

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