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One of the best fables is The Ant and the Grasshopper. Fables are great stories to tell children in order to teach them a lesson.

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Is a hungry Ming is a fable?

It is a fable. Fable means that the story is about animals. For example, the story is about talking animals, that explains it.

What is fable fellow?

The man in the story or fable - also related to Secret Fable 2 and 3.

Is a fable a true story?

No, it is a story with a moral or lesson to learn from reading the fable.

What is the fable of the story the frog and the ox?

Well the story itself is a fable, but the MORAL of the story is "Do not attempt the impossible."

A fable is best defined as what?

A fictional story that points out some sort of message or axiom.

What is the complete subject in the sentence A fable tells an old story?

"A fable" is the complete subject.

Are the story of 3 little pigs a fable?

The story of the 3 little pigs is both a fable and fantasy.

What are some exmples of a fable?

Fable: A myth or story Ex: The game

What is the synonym for story?

A fable

What is the difference between a myth and a fable?

A Fable Is A Story To Create A Moral Lesson And A Myth Is A Story That Is Make-Believe

Give the definition of a fable?

A fable is a story that has a moral. Usually a fable is short but that's not technically part of the definition.

What are the types of a fable story?

there are only one types of fables and that is a narrative fable.

Why is Animal Farm a fairy story?

Its a fable, not a fairy story?

Example of fable story?

me either....

What is the meanig of fable?

story about animals

What is the synonyms of tale?

story, fable

Is a fable a poem?

its a type of story

What are synonyms of story?

tale, fable

Can you give a example of fable in a sentence?

The ghost story was nothing more than a fable. They taught the lesson in the form of a fable.

What are the characteristics for a fable?

At the most basic level a fable is a story that contains talking animals.

Is the book Where the wild things are a fable?

Yes. A fable is a short story, legend, myth, and always fiction. Usually a story where animals can be characters to explain a moral of the story.

What is a fable story?

just a story, fiction, not real and has just been made up by someones imagination A fable usually has talking animals A fable always has a moral, which is usually easy to guess at the most famous fable writer was Aesop.

What makes a story a fable?

Things that make a story a fable include: a. make the fable about nature b. animals that can talk c. animals that behave like humans d. story short e. end with a good and decent lesson

Difference between oration and fable?

A fable is a story in which there are talking animals An oration is something that is spoken. The subject of an oration could be a fable.

Why are the characters in fable are animals and animated object?

The definition of a fable is a story with talking animals and objects. ergo when ever you have such a situation it is a fable.

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