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Enhilex Medical Transcription Software is a free transcription software. This software is great for organizing patient and doctor names, medications, and medical abbreviations.


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Medical transcription software can get a little pricey. To help out consumers many of the transcription companies offer free trials of their software. Two of the best companies are IntelliComplete and SpeedType. You can start your free trial of IntelliComplete here: or your free trial of SpeedType here:

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Have you checked with your local technical college? The college I go to right now offers a medical transcription certificate that is basically free for Georgia residents through the HOPE grant, and many classes are offered online or in a hybrid format each quarter. Maybe your state and local college offer a similar program

There are a lot of places to find free PDA medical software online. The first place I would try is EPOCRATES. They seem to have a lot of software. Just be sure to research before you download anything.

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Take the full training for it. There are several places online that offer medical transcription courses. You can check the University of Phoenix, which offers a lot of accredited courses. You may even apply for the said position in companies offering MT services (specially those outsourced companies) and they will provide you free training for the field. Different training providers for medical transcription online offers the learning experience differently. They have different designs and software to help you get the best possible training to be competitive in the field. What you need to do is to find a provider that is accepted in your area and one that is approved to sell courses in your location. Once you get a list of those providers, you can now see their demo courses to check on which one is going to be the best program for you.

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