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Gotta be Call of Duty or some other game


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Mobiles are the best source of communication so it is the best telephone

Product differentiation means to differentiate our product with other product. The best example is Nokia Mobiles and Samsung Mobiles.

Answertry going on your media store on your phone

Most MOBILES are made out of PLASTIC and METAL this is why most MOBILES break easily.

Why is camera important for mobiles?

Yes, they are really accurate mobiles.

Karbonn Mobiles was created in 2009.

Some of the carriers that have Nokia Mobiles are verizon, cingular, and sprint. If you go to their stores, they will list the type of nokia mobile phones so you can choose the best one.

There are many different version of the latest Nokia mobiles. Some of these would include, Lumia 925, Lumia 928, Asha 501 and many more. For all the different mobiles that Nokia has to offer, it would be best to visit the company website.

HTML is different for computers and mobiles. For Mobiles the HTML used is different in various aspects.

i thiink nokia n70 is the best mobile fone. it gives symbian software and strong harware and its rates are affordable

There are many advantages and disadvantages of mobiles. These mobiles help sooth children but could also scare these same children.

Landlines did not change to mobiles. They are two different things.

Yes, FPGA is used in some ways in mobiles.

yes PHILIPS mobiles are available in India.

Because they are mobile.. They have mobility as in "you can transport them, while using them" Greetings

Police 112 or 113 works on mobiles and landlines Fire 115 works on mobiles and landlines Ambulance 118 works on mobiles and landlines

Creator of mobiles - Calder It was actually Marcel Duchamp

The first mobile telephone produced by Nokia was the 5110. It was released in 1998 and was one of the first mobiles to feature the game "Snake". It was also one of the most popular mobiles of all time.

uses of mobiles :-it is easy to talk with it.You can take it anywhere you want to take it.abuses of mobiles :-people spend money on their mobiles and play games on it.

yes all mobiles have internet but people have to be carefull but some mobiles do not let you on unless you pay for it like: blackberrys, iphones, samsungs, t-mobile and others.

you can download it from hereDownload Fifa 2009 for mobiles

Only some mobiles can do it. The mobiles which can multitask while calling are the ones which can...

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